☆ 2016 -The PS4 Diaries Part 9 "My Firewatch Duties Have Ceased" ☆ #PS4 #GamersUnite

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I've just completed Firewatch on my PS4. 

I can safely say that it is a game that will stick with me for as long as I live.

It's a fine example of a video game that gets the balance between video game playing and story telling just right.

As each day passed in the forest I found myself gripped by the story and couldn't wait to see what happened next whilst also wishing it would never end.

That is the sign of a great game as I am sure you will agree. Before I played the game I was aware that the game wasn't especially long but the thing with Firewatch is that you can actually make it as long as you want it to be as you are able to explore the gorgeous surroundings using your trusty map and compass as you wish. 

There are moments when the story will push you along but they are relatively well signposted along the way so as you are never left thinking that the game was unfair to push you along.

Having spent my time with Firewatch I now want a walkie talkie radio! The walkie talkie interface along with the dialogue selection mechanism was awesomely implemented and it made me feel like my conversations with Delilah were really well put together. The walkie talkie convos are the main mechanic in the game and are the key way of taking the story forward as you delve deeper into the secrets of the forest.

I've mentioned before that I love forests and this game made me appreciate the beauty of nature even more as the stylised graphics took my breath away each and every time (especially at sunset as I am a sucker for a beautiful sunset)

One thing that I adored and I will reveal in this article as a small spoiler is the inclusion of a throw away 35mm disposable camera that you eventually discover. From the moment you receive this item you are able to equip the camera and take some of your very own pics. The way this is utilised in game is delightful. I will not spoil that part for you but I will tell you to pick and choose your photos carefully as you only get around 17 pictures on the camera.

I won't go into plot specifics but what I will tell you is that it has moments that are deeply sad, happy and thought provoking throughout its entirety. 

If you like video games that give you time to breathe and and explore with just you, your map, trust rucksack, compass and walkie talkie then this is the game for you.

It's so good that I think my wife might even like it!*

*Disclaimer, not all wives will like this game and i'm not even sure mine will.

Now I have come to the end of my Firewatch duties it's time for me to decide what to play next.....

Tough choices ahead once again.....this may take some time!

Have You Played Firewatch?

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