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"Strategically placed roses will definitely sell this beautiful BBC Micro!"
A lot of the time when we cast our minds back to the first video games experiences that we had as kids we think back to a visit to a friends house to play the latest console or computer.

A lot of the time we actually fail to remember that the school classroom gave us our first taste of video games.

 Whether it was the school class room or the school computer room you can bet that as a kid growing up in the 80’s the one computer that was owned by the school was actually most peoples introduction to the wonderful world of computer games.

The games were generally not very good and were slanted towards education rather than plain old fun but there were actually some good games hidden in there.

In the UK most schools owned a BBC Micro. Our School’s BBC Micro lived on a cool trolley that was coloured the same as the BBC Micro. It was wheeled around the school as each class took its turn on the computer. The sheer weight of the BBC Micro with it’s metal cased monitor meant that the trolley was very much needed.

Once it reached your classroom we’d go out in pairs to use the computer. At the time it was such a novelty to go out of the classroom and play games.

The thing is, I’m not sure I can remember any games that were any good!

I’ve wracked my brains and done a little research and I’ve come up with the games I played as a school kid in my Primary School.

Do YOU Remember Playing Any Of These Games?

Granny's Garden - 1983

Podd - 1984

Number Puzzler - 1984

Early Learning - 1982

Number Gulper - 1984

Graphito - 1985

Monsters - 1982

The Micro Bugs - 1989

Dragon World - 1985

Flowers Of Crystal - 1983

What Are YOUR Memories Of The BBC Micro At School?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below



  1. Just wondered if you knew of any footage anywhere of the game "The Micro Bugs - 1989" or if you could possibly upload some (e.g. to YouTube)? I remember playing this at school in the 80s and would really like to see it played again.

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