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KICK OFF is a legendary series among those retro gamers who love their football video games.

It was the time of Kick Off 2 and Sensible Soccer in the early 90’s that us football gamers were being treated to some of the best sports games that video games had to offer.

Fast Forward to 2016 and Dino Dini of Kick Off fame released a football game called Kick Off Revival. Kick Off Revival was a retro gamers dream. A resurrection of the Kick Off franchise and a whole host of Kick Off memories came flooding back in that moment.

Upon release, the game was widely regarded as a flop. I have recently played Kick Off Revival as part of our “Alternatives To PES & FIFA” feature and I can confirm that there is a great football game just waiting to get out!

First things first, this game is Kick Off 2 with a nicely polished update to the visuals and a host of new games mechanics to learn. The reviewers who panned the game have missed the point with KOR. This game is NOT a FIFA or PES wannabe, it’s its own beast to tame and you can have lots of fun trying to tame it.

Anyone who played Kick Off 1&2 will know that the ball in Kick Off games does not stick to your foot. They will also know that passing is manual and not in any way automated. They will also know that it takes dedication to dribble, pass and score goals in Kick Off games. If you’re willing to give this game some time then you can truly experience an arcade football video game that is a pleasure to play and at its core, you will experience raw free flowing all action football. This game is lots of fun.

Where I can agree with the detractors though is the lack of the nice to have features that go beyond the match engine and gameplay mechanics.

The game is missing certain things that I would love to see in this game to really elevate it to a genuine alternative to PES & FIFA.

I’d like to take a moment to take you through the things that I would love Dino & Co to implement in a future patch/release.

Game Options
Build your own competition
Trophy Cabinet

Edit Modes
Edit Teams Names
Edit Player Models
Edit Player Names
Edit Kits
Edit Flags

Pre Match Options
Pick your team from a squad
Player Stats (Star Rating out of 5)

In Game Options
Instant Replays
Save Replays
Share Replays

In Game Info
Goalscorers on match info
Shots info
Possession Info

Top Goalscorers
Man Of The Match

Different Stadiums
Different Pitch Types

Match Conditions

I know that the original release was released before it was ready which led to an unfinished “EARLY ACCESS” type of game. This was to try and coincide with Euro 2016. Since then Dino Dini & Co have worked tirelessly to try and improve the game since its release but only being a small team has meant that things have taken a long time to turn around.

Hopefully, if we remain patient then we can all enjoy the phoenix from the flames in the form of a genuinely awesome Kick Off Revival.

Take A Look At Our Kick Off Revival Video Below:

Have YOU Played Kick Off Revival?

What Are YOUR Thoughts?

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