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Pauli's Adventure Island - PC
Founded in 2015, HEJVISJ (“to go home” in local Dutch) is a small, indie-game studio based in the Netherlands.
The studio focuses on creating beautiful games with an emphasis on non-violence and accessibility – and with roots as far back as the early 8-bit days. Always forward-thinking, the team at HEJVISJ has already started working on their next game.

Pauli’s adventure island is a 2D side-scrolling platformer that looks great the graphics are sharp, bright and vibrant if somewhat basic. Pauli a floppy eared bunny is the main protagonist in the game but there is also a female playable character called Gemmi available for selection. Pauli and Gemmi discover that their entire island has been overrun by mechanical monsters that plan to build an exclusive resort at the expense of everyone else. I take it Pauli and Gemmi are not a fan of 2-4-1 happy hour drinks! So the plucky duo decide to take matters into their own hands by taking care of these mechanical invaders for good!

There are over 30+ levels over 4 different worlds and each world culminates in an end of world fight with a boss. Theses boss battles were my favourite part of the game. Another nice touch for all of you speed runners out there each level in the game has a gold master time shown on each level select screen which you can try and beat.

The controls are simple you control the character of your choice using the arrow keys on your keyboard and you press space to jump or holding space will use your ears to float in certain areas. A quick press of the X key is your action/attack function but if you also press this after space you do a double jump.
No matter who you pick to play with you start each level with a red heart behind your character. If you get hit and take damage you lose this heart meaning one more hit and you are finished. You can upgrade this red heart to a yellow one which means you can take 3 hits before you die. You upgrade it by collecting the yellow heart when it appears on the levels.
To complete a level 100% there are 3 green leafed clovers to collect on each level. As well as this there are gold stars to collect once you collect 100 you gain an extra life much like the coins or rings in Mario and sonic games. You can destroy your enemies by either jumping on them or using the action key to roll attack into them.

Nicely presented platformer that lacks any real imagination or substance to bring you back and want to replay it. The game incorporates bits from both early Mario and Sonic games but the level design is basic and you get the sense of repetition on each level.
Each level can be beat very easily. If you want to play an innovative platformer that pushes boundaries to the limit then this isn’t for you.
If you are just wanting to have some fun in a bit of spare time with nothing too deep or engrossing then Pauli’s adventure island may be worth a look.
Due to the nature of the game it is family friendly and a game all the family would enjoy playing.

Review By Ben Steele

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