☆ Review: Planetoid Pioneers "In Space No One Can Hear You 3D Print!" ☆

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Planetoid Pioneers - PC
Planetoid Pioneers is a game that is physics driven and developed by Data Realms. Data Realms are an independent studio based around ten countries. They invite players to participate and contribute in the development of their games. Their previous game was Cortex Command which was at the forefront of early access games. 
In 2016 a special contributor edition of Planetoid Pioneers was released containing all the tools and options that the developers are using to build the game. This edition allows players to create game content alongside the developers. The users can fully modify or make anything that you see. You can just mod little things for your preference or create your own planetoid with your own rules if that takes your fancy. The game is utilising the 2d physics engine Crush2D which provides a solid performance although I personally have found loading times to be a little slow but that maybe due to my set up not the game. 

So I love how the game makes everything editable or creatable, it’s a bit like Mario maker where you can create your own levels and try them out and publish them for everyone to try. There is a plethora of options in the live edit suite that has a full set of commercial-grade 2d game development tools. This allows you to develop anything you want from, characters, weapons and robots to lighting and effects allowing you to create and publish your own Planetoid. You can drag PNG files out of the browser or chat windows directly into the game and they instantly spring into life. 

Using your characters resource gathering technique and 3d-printing tool you can recycle and build any device, robot, machinery etc so long as you have the blueprint for it. You have to be careful though as certain resources are limited. When negotiating around the planetoids there are many caves that are just waiting to be explored and their resources mined and converted into what you like. The downside to this is that sometimes navigating your way around the planetoids and caves can be quite challenging. Sometimes you may become stuck and have to find a solution to help you traverse the landscape
Planetoids has a little bit for everyone if you love games like Mario maker and minecraft then you will enjoy the resource collecting and creative side of them game. The exploration side of the game is good too and it feels a little like the game Starbound if you have played it and again minecraft. Don’t get me wrong the exploration isn’t anything near the level or scope of games such as Skyrim or Warcraft but it is not trying to  be, it is stripped down to a more simpler level but it works really well and fits in with what the game is all about. The sound effects and music are good and atmospheric. Every planet that you explore is either created by the developers or has been made by the community. The game itself doesn’t self-create any planetoids.

Planetoid Pioneers is a very fun engaging game once you have worked out the controls. The graphics and music suit the game and set the tone well. You can play alone or go exploring with friends, or if you are like me you promise to do that with them then blow them up with grenades or shoot them! Planetoid Pioneers gets more fun the more you play it and the more you familiarize yourself with the controls. It can be rough at first but if you stick with it and invest some time in it, it can become a little gem. Also if you create your own character or Planetoid it can give you a sense of ownership and community over the game knowing other people are using the things you have created.

Ratings Explained
ICE COOL (Great Game Recommended)
MELTING (Just Falls Short Of Greatness)
MELTED (Not A Recommended Purchase

Review By Ben

Game Link: Steam

Dev Link: Data Realms

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