☆ Super Nintendo SNES Classic Mini Unboxing - "Now We're Playing With mini Super Power!"☆ #Retrogaming #SNESClassic

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29/09/2017 Will be forever etched in our minds as the return of the Super Nintendo.

Arguably the greatest video games console ever made, this is a big day my friends. 

I'm happy to say that mine arrived promptly this morning and I went about unboxing this beauty and seeing what it's all about.

Take a look at my unboxing video above which includes some awesome music from Captive Portal and then we'll sit down and have a chin wag about the SNES Classic in a bit more detail.

Look & Style
- This is a lovely piece of minature hardware
- The unit is small but perfectly formed
- The buttons on the SNES are great
- It's a shame the eject button doesn't push down
- The flap for the controllers is actually pretty cool and not as flimsy as others suggested

- SAVE States to save progress at any point although you need to press reset to invoke a trip back to the main menu
- In game save mechanism is still intact too so you can play and save just like you used to
- Rewind feature is accessed via main menu after a push of the reset button, not very fluid but adequate
- Did you know that you can use your own gameplay footage as a screen saver on the SNES classic? Well you can! Pretty awesome eh! 
- The CRT filter is pretty cool and does a great job of replicating the glory days of fuzzy TV! :)
- I was able to run my SNES mini directly from the USB port of my PC and apparently it also works on laptop or TV USB ports too!
- The SNES classic controllers are compatible with NES Mini, Wii and Wii U!
- As we all know the cords on the controllers are a bit longer this time around as the NES Mini ones were VERY short
- The black box surrounding the edges of the screen is now replaceable with a number cool images. My three favourites are the wood grain effect, the stereo TV effect and the Super Mario Bros 3 stage curtains effect!
- All manuals for the 21 games are available online and the Earthbound Manual is actually a 124 page guide rather than a manual!

Suggested Improvements
- An Earphone Jack would have been great for me so as I could plug directly to the SNES Mini as I play close enough to the theTV to be able to do this. Maybe a USB port would have done the trick and I could have got some kind of Bluetooth adapter in the SNES Mini and then connected my wireless headphones

- A cartridge slot would have been an swesome addition so as we could play the classic carts on the new hardware. It's a shame because you would have seen a whole new audience for some of the SNES' best video games

- Wireless Controllers would have been cool but HORI and 8Bitdo are bringing out their very own Wireless controllers which will do the trick nicely!

This piece of hardware has brought a smile to my face and i'm mega excited to get stuck into some games that I never had the chance to play.

The pads on the SNES were the best pads ever created in my opinion and they most definitely still hold up now. The reproductions are very faithful to the feel of the old ones but differ slightly in plastic feel to make you realise you're playing with new ones.

In my opinion this is an awesome piece of kit that you should get if you can find one.

Well done Nintendo we still love you and the amazing SNES!


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