☆ Thoughts From The Freezer - #1 "Super Play Issue 48 is REAL!" ☆ #Retrogaming

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Join me for a chin wag about all the things in the world of video games that I have found interesting over the last few weeks.

Super Play Issue 48 – “I literally can’t believe that I’m saying this BUT there will be an Issue 48 of my beloved Super Play in stores from 7th September! 

This news has literally made my year. The cover has been drawn by the legendary Wil Overton @Kosmikat who did the amazing cover art for the original Super Plays. The magazine is all about the SNES Classic and features STARFOX2 on the front cover. It’s like 1992 all over again!”

Days till the SNES Classic – “Not long now till I get my grubby mitts on the SNES classic. The countdown is well and truly on and as I write this the clock says 24 days to go! I’m planning on playing Starfox and Starfox 2 first and also streaming my gameplay to YOUTUBE. I’m thinking that the feature will be to play my way through all 21 SNES games included on the system (Super Ghouls N Ghosts may have other ideas though!! <GULP!>”

Play Expo – “The Expo of the North enters its sixth year and it’s still the place to go for Arcade Games, Retro Games and Indie Games. I can’t make it to this year's Expo and I’m totally gutted BUT don’t let my absence stop you from taking the pilgrimage to the Manchester event of the year!” #GamersUnite (14th & 15th October)

EGX 2017 – “The good news for me though is that I will be partaking in some EGX tomfoolery again this year. This gaming show has the right mix of current gen, retro and indie gaming that lets me sample all sorts of goodies from the gaming world. I’m really excited that Nintendo is back this year as their stand is always the most fun. You’ll find me welded to the Street fighter2 Arcade cabinet or glued to a Switch”

SF2 Cart Reproduction – “So an official reproduction of the Super Nintendo Street Fighter2 cartridge will be a thing. It’s a celebration/homage to the legendary one one on one beat em up’s 30th Anniversary and it looks ice cool! Although the thing that caught the headlines more than anything else was the warning that even though the cartridge is fully playable, it may catch light!!!! Watch those Yoga Flames people!”

SEGA Forever Takes A Hack N A Slash With GOLDENAXE – “The SEGA Forever service is sticking to its release schedule and this time we see Golden Axe take a swipe at recapturing our hearts on mobile devices. I’m still torn on the service as it kind of feels like SEGA are taking a lazy route to getting these titles out there rather than lovingly ensuring that they are right before we get them. I’m still optimistic that things will get better and for free (ads included) you can’t grumble too much….right?!”
http://forever.sega.com (It’s worth visiting the site for the SEGA startup logo alone!)

Streaming the SNES Classic – “I’ve been thinking about how to stream the SNES classic and I am hoping the Elgato will do the trick. I’m assuming it will but I never got my hands on a NES Classic so I’m not 100% sure of the compatibility…..If anyone has any ideas on this let me know please…”

Mario Is not a Plumber – “Shocking news was published that Mario is no longer a plumber! Although once you get past the first few hours of shock and soul searching you begin to realise that hey when was he actually a plumber? When did he and Luigi do any plumbing in a game? Maybe Mario is just making it official as he hasn’t had a plumbing gig since the 80’s!!”
(These official character profiles are actually really cool!)

My Switch – “I have a switch! Hoorah! I managed to pick up an eBay bargain as there are no Switches available in any UK stores right now. It’s second hand but in perfect condition and only opened once. It’s never been used before and I got it for £260. Granted I wanted the Neon version but hey Grey is good enough for me. The only problem is that I can’t play until Christmas as it’s my present from my wife n kids. I bought it now because at Christmas the rush to buy is only going to get worse which will inflate eBay prices and make it even more impossible to pick one up from any UK stores. I’m just investing in the future that’s all J

Knack 2 – “Shock News just in, Knack 2 is actually alright! … That is all”

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds – “The more I watch people play this the more I love it. It looks super fun to play and super fun to watch. It’s got the lot BUT I’m not a fan of mouse and keyboard play and this has left me becoming a PUBGvoyeur rather than jumping right in. I’m shamelessly waiting for the console version to come out but my dreams were put on hold for a while as XBOX ONE seems to have the initial exclusivity of the release however, all is not lost as eventually it will hit PS4……just gotta keep being patient and watching everyone else having fun L


WindJammers – “Having never played Windjammers on the original hardware (Neo-Geo) I have always been intrigued to play Windjammers as it looked a lot of fun. The PS4 release is now LIVE and it is so much fun! Check out my Windjammers Ten Minute Taster below, you wont regret it (apart from hearing me sing some bob Marley!)”

Masquerada Songs and Shadows – “This game snuck up on me and now I love it. It got a PS4 release recently and I have just got around to downloading the review copy. The combat is a bit floaty and non visceral BUT the aesthetic and the story are great. Give my Ten Minute Taster a look.”

Danger Mouse – “They’ve done a Danger Mouse game on iOS. Now I am very excited to reveal that it’s alright…..sort of…. My daughter loves to watch me playing this game and we have a lot of fun working through the stories together BUT if I’m to be honest with my video game critic hat on then I would say it’s a mildly amusing colourful platformer that is definitely designed for the kiddies. That’s no bad thing as it brings a smile to my face when I play it.”

DOOM (Completed) – “The Doom Noob feature is finally complete as I finally completed the game. I loved every minute of it and I now consider myself a Doom Amateur rather than Noob! Check my Doom Noob FINAL Episode to see how I defeated that meanie ol’ Spider.”

NeoTurfmasters – “This is my ‘toilet game’. It’s great fun and keeps me on my current Neo Geo fixation. Get it, you’ll love it!”

“What to play next is a question that I have on my mind constantly! There’s so many great games out at the moment that I feel like I’m drowning in video gaming goodness BUT you gotta make a decision at some point. So this is generally how I decide what to play. Firstly I listen to a lot of Podcasts and make a list on my phone of all the games that I hear about and pique my interest. I then keep my eye on Playstation Store, Steam, GOG and Green Man Gaming and see if any of my listed games are on sale. Then when I find one of my games on SALE I’ll watch a ton of YouTube videos in order to make sure I’m going to like it and only when will I take the plunge. This means I never get games as soon as they come out as I wait for sales. The only exception to this will be when TLOU2 comes out!”

This is what’s on my list: (it grows by the day!)
Stardew Valley
Day Of The Tentacle Remastered
Hyper Light Drifter
The WalkingDead Michonne & New Frontier
Full Throttle Remastered
What Remains Of Edith Finch
The Stanley Parable
Shadow Complex
Shadow Of Mordor

“If you played NBA Jam in the 90’s you will be spellbound by this brilliant Sports Illustrated article.”

Narcos Season 3 – “I’m about to begin watching this slice of awesomeness on Netflix”

Better Call Saul Season 3 – “If you haven’t got into this amazing piece of TV writing then you are really missing out. Season 3 sends a thousands nods to Breaking Bad with Gus and Mike playing BIG parts in this season.”

Stranger Things Season 2 – “As if you didn’t already know, but Stranger Things is on it’s way back to our screens from 31st October……just enough time to watch all the previous episodes to refresh the awesomeness of season 1!”


Home Made Board Games – “I had so much fun making a board game out of cardboard and glue that I just had to let everyone know that you gotta do this. We’ve played the game a few times already and it gets better every time we play #VivaBoardGames”



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