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Rezrog is a turn based role playing game with a wonderful art style putting you in control of tabletop game pieces as you traverse dungeons, fight monsters and discover treasures to help you on your way.

You begin the game with a quick and simple tutorial that explains everything you need to know to play the game and get started, it's really simple. 

You control 1 of 7 game pieces, each with a different class such as mage, thief, warrior, paladin, sorcerer, etc. Each piece has weapons and armour that are specific to its class, but most of the time no matter what you pick you will acquire items geared towards whatever class you are playing.

After picking your piece you are brought to the world map which is pretty expansive, but in the beginning, you only have one dungeon to choose from. Upon entering the dungeon a wheel is spun which adds a modifier to the level, usually 10% damage reduction or 25% addition to monster strength. You hop your piece around freely while you are not in combat and can search highlighted items through the dungeon.

There are weapon boxes, crates, tables, armour hangers, and other item caches. You can also find spell books that will grant you special attacks that will lock to your quick bar of numbers 1-9. As you make your way through the dungeon, the world will unfold in front of you as you enter doors and traverse through the halls. If you come across an enemy, you will enter combat mode which will allow you to move only a certain number of spaces and depending on your class, you can attack from a distance or close range. If your health reaches 0, the current piece you are using is captured by the dungeon and you must start back at the beginning with a different class.

In order to defeat the dungeon, there is an end goal of finding a key, rescuing prisoners, or pulling all the levers in a level, as well as a stronger enemy that you must defeat towards the end of the dungeon. Once you complete the dungeon you are rewarded with experience and a special weapon, armour, or spell, and you are taken back to the tavern, or the main screen and the next level will open up for you to explore.

I thoroughly enjoyed the art style in this game, it’s very fitting for the table top dungeon crawling experience and it is refreshing to see a new style being utilized. The only real problem I have with this game is that it can get rather tedious because your experience isn’t shared, so you basically have to take all your pieces through the same dungeons in order to have them levelled up high enough to accompany you through the harder levels. 

The item system and rewards are good and a lot of customization can be used with armour and weapons, which will change the look of your piece depending on what weapon you choose or the armour you wear and that’s something I find to be pretty cool.

All in all, Rezrog is a good dungeon crawl game, it’s not great but it’s definitely worth a lower end price for a few hours of fun a day, especially if you enjoy the genre.

The music is on point and again, the animation and art style is fun and visually pleasing.

If you can persevere through getting most of your classes levelled up and weaponized enough to take them with you through the entire game, then I really believe you will love this game.

Alternately if you just want some quick fun when you are waiting on other games to update or download or just need to play something to break up the monotony of your world then Rezrog is for you.

Game Link: Steam
Dev Link: Kasedo Games


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