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The EGX 2017 show was immense. It was bigger and bolder than the others I've been to previously and it seemed like there were enough video games there to keep a small nation occupied for months!

It was my job to wander the hallowed halls of the NEC and delve into the dimly lit corridors of video games in order to unearth some absolute beauties for you to salivate over.

I've come up with 5 awesome video games that you're not playing yet and each one I just know is going to make you wet yourself with excitement...

So without further ado let me introduce you to The Class Acts Of EGX 2017!

- Play as a bounty hunter in the future chasing down various different gritty gangs
- Retro-inspired side-scrolling action platformer
- 16-colour pixel art style
- 80s aesthetic
- Tough as nails
- Run and Gun Baybeeeeeee!
- I played it on the Switch and it was awesome and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in!

2.Raging Justice
- Play as a good cop or a bad cop and clean up the city in a retro-inspired side scrolling beat em up 
- Inspired by the most amazing side scrolling beat em ups from the arcades (Final Fight, Two Crude Dudes, Bad Dudes, TMNT Turtles In Time, Golden Axe) 
- Choose whether you will arrest or kill the wanted bad guys
- I played this on an XBOX demo build and it was so much fun
- The arcade machine was 3 deep when I was there, thus proving that arcade machines are alive and kicking!

3.Falling Sky
- Created by NFTS students this game oozes class
- It tells the story of two brothers who must search for their Mum who has disappeared
- Walking simulator with sinister undertones and a haunting atmosphere
- Think Everybody's Gone To The Rapture crossed with a hint of The Last Of Us
- This will likely need a Kickstarter Campaign to finish off this wonderful work of art

- Explore a unique surreal universe filled with music and humour
- Work through different sides of the mind and try to restore courage 
- A beautiful hand-drawn art style which draws you in immediately
- It's already out so go and buy it (maybe you are already playing this one....)

5.No Truce With The Furies
- True Detective style isometric RPG that is begging to be explored
- A really clever take on the genre that delivers some beautiful art styles
- Deep storyline to get lost in
- A whole host of real-world style characters to interact with
- This is one exciting project that I can't wait to sample 

EGX 2017 was a great year for awesome video games and these 5 avoid the obvious choices like SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY!!

Hopefully, you'll take a closer look at these titles as they will be ones to rock gamers very soon!

What was YOUR favourite title on this list?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below


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