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Normally whilst showering in the morning I think of video games related ideas. 
These range from articles to write for Games freezer to Video Games that I’d love to see get made.

In today's world of Indie Devs, the impossible is now possible as the indie devs are always bringing out games that you never thought would ever get a chance in the world of AAA big budget games. 

The indie Devs are creating new genres and genre mashups that delight niche audiences and wider audiences alike.
It’s great to see this creativity in the market place and currently Steam is awash with amazing projects by smaller devs looking to make their mark or create the video game that they would like to play rather than appeasing a publishers profit and loss sheet.

The introduction of the crowdfunding model means that devs are able to sample the need and desire for new games and new genres before they get working on the full project and this has been liberating for smaller dev teams as they have the cash up front to complete the task in hand.

Labours of love are now seeing the light of day and the current climate is helping that model thrive.

It’s with that in mind that I would like to start a feature that covers video games that I would like to see come out.

It could be a reboot of an old genre / spiritual successor to an old game. It could be a brand new genre completely. These are video games that maybe we have never seen before or don’t see as much anymore.

The game I thought of in the shower this morning is something I have often thought about and I’m going to attempt to document for you all today.

Let me know what you think.

Title: Stadium Architect

Genre: Simulation


Prison Architect

LMA Manager

Theme Park


Rollercoaster Tycoon

Football Manager

Hooligans Storm Over Europe

Ultimate Soccer Manager

Plot / Scenario:
You are tasked with taking on a contract to build a sports stadium.

It could be football, athletics, Rugby, Cricket. You might be building a stadium for a lower league club for a small budget or you might be taking on the task of creating a number of stadiums for a sports event such as the World Cup or the Olympics.

You will need to spend your budget wisely to create the stadium to the specification of the client but you will also need to use some artistic flair in your creations in order to create landmark stands or features that make your stadium stand out.

You will also be required to develop the surrounding area and build catering facilities in and out of the ground. You will also need to factor in Hotel builds associated with the client’s requirements.

You will need to factor in corporate hospitality and pricing for seats.

Don’t forget to look at policing levels for games. 
Those levels may require you to raise the level for big derby matches or large events.

You’ll need to follow the lifecycle of the stadium build and maintain its profitability beyond the build and implementation in order that your contract is a success and your skill level increases. 
An increased skill level will give you access to bigger contracts and more demanding clients for bigger rewards.

How will you handle negotiations with the client and then with the local planning authorities? 
How will you handle negotiations with the one business owner who stands in the way of your new build project?

Let’s hope that your stadium build survives that first safety test!

Full Description:
The way I see this game panning out would be for you to take on the design, build and then daily running of your stadium much like Theme Park or Sim City.

Once your creation is built you could share it with friends. I was inspired mainly by a book called Football Grounds From Above and the Stadium Creator in LMA Manager.

I was also inspired by a Football Stadiums group on Facebook that paws over pics of football stadiums on a daily basis.

I would add a feature that lets you take pics of your stadium creations and add them to your very own portfolio that can be viewed online.

The style of the game would be very much Pixel Art. It would have an isometric view which you would have control of in order to pan around your development.

The style of view I’m thinking of comes from games like:


Theme Hospital

Fallout 2

Commandoes 2

Age Of Empires 2

Target Market:

I’m sure for football geeks like myself this kind of game would have a market. I’m thinking of the FM crowd mixed with the SIM CITY crowd and I think that would hit the mark with those dudes nicely.

What Do YOU Think?

Would YOU Play A Video Game Like This?


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