☆ Cheat Sheet #1 : Alex Kidd In Miracle World ☆ #Retrogaming

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It’s been an idea of mine now for some time. I’ve been wanting to combine story, controls and tips n cheats into a graphic presentation for a series of video games. A cross between an infographic, a cheat sheet and a one-page video game manual.
The idea came about whilst I was collecting cart only SNES games and then trying to work out the controls for each game. I thought it would be cool to have a folder with a page for each video game and then on each of those pages I’d like to see at a glance the story, controls and cheats for the game all presented in an easy to read one-page format.

I must have thought of this idea around a year ago and it’s taken me this long to create my first draft of the concept.

I present to you Alex Kidd In Miracle World – CHEAT SHEET #1.

I hope to create a series of these and get them presented in a nice folder or book format.

I’m looking for feedback on these and also would like to know if anyone could come up with a name for something that is a video game infographic, manual and cheat sheet all rolled into one...

Any Ideas?

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