☆ "Kopanito All-Stars Soccer" - Alternatives To PES & FIFA - No.2 ☆ #FIFA #PES

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Kopanito All – Stars Soccer is developed by Merixgames which is a brand of Merixstudio from Poland who have 15 years of experience in the digital business arena.
Skytte is another game they have developed and is really worth checking out if you like fast paced side scrolling shoot’em ups.

Let me start by saying FIFA and PES this is not which is not a bad thing at all.
For me if you experienced the glory days of arcades, amusements and gaming halls this reminded me of a few of my favourite soccer games such as Tecmo World Cup, Premier Soccer and Super Visual Soccer. It also as a bit of Sega Soccer Slam mixed in for good value.
When I first loaded the game I was impressed with how it was fully compatible with the steam controller as I navigated the bright and colourful menu with ease. It has many different options and game modes. There is also a guide which is quite informative explaining the controls of play using pictures and words to good effect.
Online mode allows you to play or watch matches against other players from around the world.  There is quick match which allows 1 v 1 games right up to 5 v5 games or if you just fancy watching others play you can browse matches that are already in progress. There is also an option which allows you to create custom matches and invite your friends to play or you can leave it as an open invitation to the public.
Practice match allows you to practice the basic controls of the game and hone your skills to perfection so you can end up being the Lionel Messi or Roy Keane of Kopanito soccer.

There are plenty of tournaments to play offline and an extensive amount of cups and teams to unlock. There are international teams and fun unconventional teams, my two favourites are the snowmen and the elves. There are no team or player ratings like on FIFA or PES so who wins is purely down to who is the better player and nothing to do with the team you pick or who has the best players. You enter the field on an even keel and I like that.
The game play is fast and smooth and the controls are very easy to master which leads to a fun filled time. One surprising feature was the gif generator which allows you to create gifs of the goals you have scored. I really liked this function but they can take a little while to create.

During a match the better you play the more you build up your super moves metre. Once it is built up enough you are awarded a super move at random. My favourite super moves are the Tesla-Copter which electrocutes whoever doesn’t have the ball, so even if you activate it and you lose the ball when you try to get it back you will end up getting electrocuted. This adds a real frantic pace to the game and can put you on edge as player after player  from your team gets electrocuted and suddenly you realise there is only your goal keeper left. Luckily I found that scoring is the hardest part of this game so my goal keeper bailed me out quite a few times. I also like the super shot which when activated powers up your players normal shot to make it almost unstoppable.
The more you play matches whether online or offline you accumulate fame points. The more fame points you have the higher ranked you are globally and there are four different leagues for you to try and top Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

This is a simple soccer game but fast paced fun with end to end action. There is nothing flashy about this game but with the game play being simple this not only leads to you getting to grips with the game quickly but you enjoy the game immediately. The controls make it easy to play using either a keyboard or controller and the view you get of the pitch and players make it easy to navigate around the screen. This takes games back to its roots with an uncomplicated but addictive style. Although I never experienced the 5 v 5 games I presume it would be mayhem on a screen but enjoyable mayhem that you and your friends would enjoy playing again and again.


Game Link: Steam
Dev Link: Kopanito Soccer
Review By Ben Steele

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