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Nostalgia is a powerful force of nature.

I just got back into playing Championship Manager 93 which is an extremely dangerous statement to be making upfront as I'm now a recovering CM Addict from the 90s.

I stumbled across CM93 again whilst learning all about the virtues of Launchbox, AbandonWare, RetroArch and Dos Box...

Again this is dangerous as it opens up my already short video gaming time to a whole load more games from my video gaming past.

Playing CM 93 brought back images in my mind of the iconic Championship Manager rating screens. These screens were simple, understated but extremely powerful. They almost acted as digital football Top Trumps where those iconic images from CM93 led to playground tales of players with all 20's or god awful crap ratings. The thing is in CM93 great rating weren't everything. There were players who were crap on paper but if you signed them they would defy the science of their rating and play amazingly (Shaun Goater springs to mind).

As I burrowed back into this well-trodden rabbit hole I came across some absolute legends of my own CM games that I would always sign immediately or players that I always wished I could sign!

Here for you, I thought I'd display them in all their CM glory by capturing the screenshot that we all remember so fondly from those halcyon days of the Championship Manager series.

1. Paul Gascoigne - Lazio (ITALY)
"In this version, he was always a "Foreign" player as he was playing for Lazio at the time and it almost made him impossible to sign! I always tried but only ever managed to sign my football idol when he was about 36 in the game and on his last legs! Just look at those ratings! ๐Ÿ˜"

2. Shaun Goater - Rotherham
"Shaun was a player that on ratings evidence you would never sign but his goal-scoring ability was second to none. Play him and he will score. That's why the saying goes, "FEED THE GOAT AND HE WILL SCORE!"

3. Matt Le Tissier - Southampton
"In real life, Le-Tiss was a one-club man. Purely devoted to the Saints despite being one of the best players of his generation. In CM93 as long as you were a bigger club than Southampton you could sign him and I always made sure I did because he was immense! (just like in real life)"

4. Peter Ndlovu - Coventry
"Great name and a great player (on CM93). In real life, he wasn't so great but he was made more famous by the Fantasy FootballLeague pairing of Baddiel & Skinner by their pronunciation of his name every week on Fantasy Football League. Just check out his pace!"

5. Chris Bart Williams - Sheffield Wednesday
"A midfield dynamo that was a guaranteed signing for me every time. Again in real life, he was pretty ordinary but on CM93 he was Mr Consistent! A player with an engine and goals galore! His average rating was always 8+"

That's my 5 CM93 Legends

Which other championship manager legends did you always chase down for their signature?

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