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If your PC is starting to feel a bit sluggish you may be thinking it is time to replace it. They are not cheap though, and a better option could be to look at ways of improving its performance.

PC upgrades could save you a lot of money and make your PC feel like a new machine.
SSD For Mechanical Hard Drives

If your computer still runs a mechanical hard drive, swapping for an SSD will make it feel like new a machine. They inject extra speed into computers and will dramatically improve loading times, boot times, file transfers and generally speed up all the processes it runs. This is not an expensive item but if you are on a tight budget, there is also the option of installing a lower-capacity SSD with your current hard drive, as this will help with speeds too.

Mass Storage

Having your PC storage full to the brim can slow it down. An additional hard drive could be the answer, and these have dropped in price drastically. You can transfer all your storage onto the new hard drive and free the space on the one that runs your computer.

Hybrid hard drives will give you a large amount of traditional storage plus a small but speedy flash storage cache.

Do not forget to backup your storage before moving anything.

Extra Ram

If your computer struggles with handling more than one task at a time the problem is probably low RAM memory. Modern Windows systems, for instance, need at least two gigabytes of RAM to run smoothly and if your PC only has 4GB, it will become slow if you have several programmes open.

RAM comes in different sizes and packages and you need to make sure it is suitable for your PC. It is not the cheapest of upgrades but is much cheaper than buying a new computer.

Upgrading For Gaming

Upgrading your PC so that you can play games without a problem does not have to cost a fortune. A gamers CPU, such as an Intel i5 9600k, will help to deliver a better gaming experience when you are playing games such as Overwatch or League of Legends. The graphics will be improved, and you will not have the same amount of lag that will happen if your processor is too slow.

Improving The PC You Already Own

It is not just the cost of buying a new computer that can be prohibitive; there is also the matter of transferring existing data to the new one. This can be very time-consuming, and unless the old and new computers are compatible, is not always successful.

From a cost point of view and a hassle point of view, upgrading your existing PC could be a better option. It can be daunting if you’ve never worked on a computer before, but there are several online communities dedicated to computers that can answer your questions, and YouTube is packed with instructional videos for nearly every type of upgrade for every computer.

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