๐Ÿ†’ Review: OlliOlli Switch Stance "If you’ve never played OlliOlli this feels like the ideal time to get involved" ๐Ÿ†’ #GameDev #IndieGame @Roll_7

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Let me list off my extensive skateboarding video games points of reference so as I can frame this review for you a little better.

California Games (SMS) – Year Of Release: 1987

Tony Hawks 2 (PS1) – Year Of Release: 2000

As you can see my skateboarding experiences within video games are kind of limited and dated, to say the least. Also, the California Games skateboarding segment is a mini-game within the overall game whereby you have a time limit to perform as many tricks on a half-pipe as possible. It was one of my favourite mini-games within the game and lots of fun to try and beat your highest score on. But listing Cali Games as a Skateboarding game is stretching the truth a bit, to say the least…

Tony Hawks 2 (Pro Skater) was a game that I purchased due to overwhelmingly strong reviews at the time of release. I played it, I enjoyed it for a while but it didn’t hook me as much as I thought it might and I don’t think I ever saw it through to its natural end as I think I traded it in for another PS1 game. It’s a shame really because if I played it now I think I would probably like it far more as my taste in video games has definitely changed over the years as I’m more of a rounded gamer nowadays rather than just a PES fan!

My own “in real life” skateboard experiences are surprisingly similar and brief in nature. In the Summer of 1992 (I was 12) me, my mum, my dad and my friend went on holiday to the lovely seaside town of  Dawlish in Devon. Whilst in Devon I saw lots of cool kids riding around on skateboards around the local area. It was at that point that I knew I wanted a skateboard of my very own.

Me and my friend managed to locate a toy shop local to the apartment that we were staying in that stocked a whole variety of skateboards. We had holiday spending money on our hips that comprised of months and months’ worth of pocket money and was made up of about £30 each. The skateboards were £15 so we bought one each! My skating career began there and ended the moment I first took my board into the park outside our apartment.

I didn’t realise how tough skateboarding was until I tried to propel myself forward on my brand new board. I went forward, the board went backwards, I landed awkwardly on the concrete floor and that was that! My Joker Playing Card emblazoned skateboard was relegated to something that I used as wheels for a go-kart project or for sitting on going down hills whilst wearing a crash helmet in my local area!

Since that time I haven’t dropped into the world of skateboarding at all and instead watched the genre's demise from afar as I would hear people grow more and more weary of the Tony Hawk’s franchise until it became a laughing stock of the video games world as various teams tried to recover the ailing IP.

Before playing OlliOlli on the Switch I had come across the OlliOlli name as it was always coming up in terms of a recommended indie game to play on PS4. I was tempted by its visuals and the fun looking simple gameplay but I never took the plunge with it.

It’s only now that this OlliOlli package has been created that I have had the chance to sample not one but both of the OlliOlli games in all their glory on the console that as always seems the perfect fit for this type of game (which game in this world doesn’t seem like the perfect fit for the Switch by the way!!?)

So what’s my take? Well, I’m sure you’ve read a million and one OlliOlli reviews and I think this review won’t be any different to any of those reviews. I’ll break it down for you quite concisely instead

OlliOlli-Great Game-Trick Fest-String Together Combos-Great Soundtrack-Addictiveness-One More Go-Beat Your Best Score-Unique Control Scheme-Takes Work To Get Used to It-Tough To master-But Feels Great

OlliOlli2-Things just went up a notch-New Manual Tricks Mechanic-Improved Visuals-More to the game-Tougher To Master-But Feels Great

If you’ve never played OlliOlli this feels like the ideal time to get involved as this package gives you both games on the best console for this type of game and immediately you will become determined to tick off every tick list of tasks on every level you play especially as you head to the “Tricktionary” to check out how to perform a Frontside 360 Shove It!

It’s a masterclass in getting players hooked. It’s a set of video games that loves skateboarding and the culture but also doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Now that’s my kind of skateboarding game!

Right I’m off to pull off a perfect grind outside my office building on my £15 Joker Playing Card skateboard ๐Ÿƒ

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