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The Sony PS5 is one of the most hotly anticipated console releases of all time. We all know how successful the PS4 was, and it continues to lead the way in the current console generation battle. With incredible performance and a host of excellent games, the PS4 wowed people all over the world by providing what many saw as the ultimate gaming experience.

This throws up all sorts of questions for the release of the PS5. Mainly, how will it differ from its predecessor, and do we know anything that will get us hyped up?! Thankfully, Sony has been very outspoken about this release, and we’ve been blessed with some pretty big updates in the last few days. So, here’s everything we currently know about the PS5:

Backward compatibility confirmed!

Yes, we’ve all been waiting for this announcement, and it comes as a great relief for lovers of the current crop of PS4 games. Sony says that the PS5 will support backward compatibility, so you can play some of the best games - like For The King - on your new console. Some fans were worried that the only way to play old games would be through the PlayStation Now service, but that’s not going to be the case!

No release date as of yet

Unfortunately, the only thing we know about the release date is that there isn’t one. But, with Sony skipping E3 2019, it’s fairly safe to say that it won’t be coming out anytime soon. The best estimates see it coming out during the 2020 holiday season, but even that’s a total guess. The good news is, there are some great PS4 pro console deals to whet your appetite in the meantime. So, if you’re eager for a console upgrade and don’t want to wait at least a year - probably closer to two - then upgrade your PS4 to the supercharged version instead.

8k graphics

Speaking of the PS4 Pro, the best thing about it was how beautiful all the games looked in 4k. So, imagine how things will improve with 8k graphics! The PS5 is - unsurprisingly - confirmed to support 8k graphics. This is excellent news when you consider that 8k TV’s are going to become a big thing in the next couple of years. If you save up now, you’ll have enough for a brand new 8k screen to complement your PS5.

Unbelievable power

The internal specs are usually the most upgraded things when we see a new console come along. Recently, Sony unveiled some footage that displayed the immense power of the PS5. The loading time on the Spiderman game was reduced from around 8 seconds to under a second. This is all thanks to the brand new CPU and GPU systems inside the console. The CPU is said to have eight cores, and the GPU will support ray tracing. We won’t get too technical here, but ray tracing is basically a technology that we’ve only seen in high-spec gaming PCs up til now. Essentially, it improves the rendering, so your PS5 could be as powerful as a proper gaming PC!

Hopefully, you’ve learned something new about the PS5 after reading this. We hope it’s got you hyped up, but there’s still so much that’s yet to be revealed. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, and you can keep on enjoying your PS4 while the wait continues.

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