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There is nothing like completely immersing yourself in a totally different world the way you can do in an RPG or role-playing game. In fact, this genre is one of the most popular and long-lasting of all types of game, even if aficionados are thought of as somewhat nerdy. Slurs be damned though because just about everyone can have fun in an RPG, and to prove it we've listed some of the best choices across different platforms below.

Mass Effect
Available across many different platforms including Ps4, and Xbox One, there is nothing better than the science fiction classic Mass Effect. Here you take on the role of Commander Shepard a human hero in a galaxy inhabited by many fascinating different alien races.

One of the best things about this game is that you can tweak the gameplay to your own personal preference, meaning you can choose to play mostly like an interactive story or include much more shooting action if that is that is your bag.

Of course, this franchise can be mentioned without the rather disappointing final instalment, Andromeda. One that hasn't received the best reviews from industry guides or players. Suffice it to say then it's best to go for the early releases rather than the later one if you are looking for quality and depth of play.
Although World of Warcraft otherwise known as WOW is well known for being the first massively multiplayer online RPG of its type, it isn't necessarily the best one. In fact, over the years many players have moved towards other MMORPGs where they don't have to deal with such a young or irritating crowd.
Of these, the best is undoubtedly Runescape for several reasons. The first being it's a browser game which means no matter where you are you can get in a minute or two of play and start racking up those quests.

Additionally, the way that Runescape's economy work is much different than other MMORPGs which rely on loot chests and boss drops. What that means is its a lot easier to not only make money but also to use sites like 4rsgold to buy gold and purchase any item that your heart desires as well. Something that means you don't have to get stuck grinding for hours on end just to get a shiny new coat of armour or that sword you need to defeat the Goblin Chief on your next encounter.

If you are hankering for a post-apostolic fix, complete with barren wastelands and Mad Max style raiders, then the Fallout franchise is a fantastic choice. Choose between grab and go missions, conflicts, and rescues in game, and you can even create your own base to stock, defend and start a farm on too.
One of the best things about this franchise is the hugely atmospheric retro 1950 setting that actually (Spoiler!) ends up being on an alternate timeline. This comes complete with a radio channel that plays nuclear-themed songs, (yes real ones) that you can access on your Pip-Boy. The latter being a device that is a fanatic central hub for managing all of your skills, and equipment too.

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