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The Outer Worlds is currently consuming every thought in my brain. I've made a lifelong friend in Parvati and I'm looking after Felix like a big brother while we wander the planets together taking on Marauders and Mantiqueens by the dozen whilst looting the hell out of every stash I can find and making new friends on the way.

When I go to sleep at night I dream of Amber Heights and The Ground Breaker whilst also thinking of how I am going to somehow complete my Tossball Card Collection!

You see the thing is The Outer Worlds has a few things that are collectables but not actually collectables if you catch my drift...

Okay, let me rewind a little. Back when I was playing Fallout 3, New Vegas and Fallout 4 the Bobblehead collectables were always the things that I had to collect first. I just love a cool set of in-game collectables and can't help myself when they are as awesome as the Fallout Bobbleheads. Also in Fallout, the Bobbleheads were able to be displayed on a collector stand. 

In The Outer Worlds, however, things work a little different. There's a mysterious sport known as Tossball that never gets fully explained but it sounds like a dangerous version of Lacrosse, Baseball and Hockey which the inhabitants of the planets just love to talk about.

As you trawl through all of the items across the various locations you will begin to collect Tossball Cards which are actually classed as junk in the game. As soon as I noticed these though, I vowed to keep them and collect them all. Now my game is mainly hoping that the next stash I open has more new Tossball Cards in them! I'm hooked. HELP!

Anyway, in honour of my new addiction, I have created a full set of 17 my own Tossball Trading Cards based on what I have learned in the game so far about these Tossball players along with filling in a few gaps with my own made-up bios and positions.

Hopefully, you like them as much as I do...

Right, I'm off to try and find Glenn Lattiere...WISH ME LUCK!


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