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2019 has been another incredible year for gaming. Year on year we've not failed to be impressed by the quality of games and consoles that are released. But this year we feel like gaming has come into its own.

More women are now turning to gaming as a hobby, and that means far more exposure for the gaming world. Whether this is the reason for the step up in the quality of gaming, we're not too sure. But what we do know, is that there has never been a better time to get into gaming. Whatever perspective you're reading this from, whether you're a gamer or aspiring to find your love for it, this post should help you. We want to show you a yearly roundup of gaming, to see what we think people have raved about most. It should give you a good idea of a place to start or inspire you to jump into something new if you're already a hardcore gamer.
Console Roundup
We might as well start with some of the biggest and the best. Console gaming has never been more realistic, and more competitive. But we think it's worth mentioning that so many people are moving over to PC gaming. Once the techniques are learnt, it's far easier to use the controls, and the graphics are so much crisper. We also like that games are now facilitating cross-platform gaming, which could sort of mean that people are going for the consoles based on their own personal preference, rather than based on the one that will give them the best games. Whilst the race to be the best is still very clearly between Xbox and PlayStation, there are new kids on the block that have become far more popular towards the end of the year. The newcomer award goes to the Nintendo Switch, with it now being popular with more than families. 
Gaming Roundup
The games that have been released this year have been incredible, and there are two that we want to talk about specifically. Call of Duty Modern Warfare, which has just been remastered and released, has kicked up quite the fuss. It's much harder to play, and the actions that can be performed in the game are different from the traditional Call of Duty games. This is making some people love how more intense it is, and some hating the gameplay. If you check out www.gamerwld.com, you can check out a more detailed review. Gears of War 5 also needs a mention. Again, gamers have commented that it's far harder to get used to the gameplay. However, the gameplay is far more immersive. 
What Does 2020 Have In-Store
2020 has a lot of new games in store, with popular names such as medal of honour and halo making a return. The gameplay is set to become more immersive, more expensive, and more detailed. They're only set to hook gamers more than ever before, with VR set to really come into its own when gaming is concerned. But more so traditional games, rather than the typical games people play through VR. 

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