๐ŸŽฐ๐ŸŽฒ How The Rise Of The Internet Affected Gambling ๐ŸŽฐ๐ŸŽฒ

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It’s hard to find an industry that hasn’t been affected by the development of technology, especially the internet. As we spend more time in the online world, more experiences are making a home there. This is the case for gambling. While casinos and betting shops still exist, there is a whole new world of gambling online. Transformations have been made in how we gamble, what games we play and the whole betting culture. This can be seen in many different aspects of the game. 

Statistics of online gambling
Online gambling is big business. One study found that, in the UK, online gambling was creating revenue of £5.3 billion as 17% of the population participate in online gambling. This form of betting definitely has an audience and an appeal to traditional gamblers and newbies alike. In the UK, during the year 2014-15, there were 171,134 virtual gambling machines, compared to 8,809 betting shops. Online gambling has this kind of dominant presence around the world, not just in the UK. 

Virtual dealers
One of the significant differences between offline and online gambling is the aspect of personal interactions. At a casino, you can physically interact with other players and your dealer. While this can’t be fully replicated online, attempts have been made to encourage social interactions. Many games have live virtual dealers. These are real dealers being streamed in the game as you play with other online users. This can create a more authentic environment for traditional gamblers who like to decide which dealer to play with instead of competing against a computer program. Often there are ways to virtually talk to the dealer and send them messages so you can chat like you would on a casino floor. For some, dealers are a big part of the gambling experience. It’s not surprising they have been integrated into online gambling.

Visiting a casino can be intimidating especially if you are still learning the gambling ropes. Online gambling can be much more appealing. Most of us feel more comfortable behind the screen and are more confident talking on our keyboards than in real-life. While the site you are gambling on usually needs to know your identity, you don’t have to reveal this to other players, instead you can use a username. Logging onto a site is a lot less hassle than going out to a casino. For many, online gambling is easier and more comfortable.

Online gambling is possible on a computer, laptop, tablet or phone with the creation of gambling apps. This means you can earn a big payout just by playing a game on your phone, in your home or out and about. Mobile gambling creates the ultimate level of accessibility and ease. We are a generation who likes to multi-task, doing one thing while being on our phones at the same time. Mobile gambling perfectly appeals to that. There is a proven audience for it as research has found that 44% of online gamblers reported gambling on their mobile phone.

In-game gambling
The development of online gaming, in general, has created opportunities for the integration of gambling games. Some video games have introduced fantasy worlds while others aim to replicate reality. In both instances, the element of games within games are used. Mini-games within the overall plot are popular and an opportunity for gambling. The mini-games could just have gambling elements or actually take place in a casino. With gaming the possibilities are endless and so are the opportunities to introduce gambling games into a video game context.

VR casinos
Technology is only going to develop further and create new experiences for gamers and gamblers. One of the developments to recently come on the market is virtual reality. VR goggles transport you into the game and allow you to interact with the world as realistically as possible. This is a development that could affect the future of gambling. Could it be possible to go full circle and experience casinos and betting shops virtually? VR is an exciting development for all types of gaming and gambling is no different. Its a step further from virtual dealers and in-game casinos in terms of realism.

For some, going gambling is an event. We’ve all seen the James Bond films with luxury casinos where the rich and beautiful play. Many of us would love to replicate this experience. But the atmosphere and energy felt while gambling in casinos is very hard to transfer online. You don’t experience the bar service, full interactions with other gamers and taking in the sense of the room. The reasons people like gambling will affect whether they transition to online casinos or not. Both offline and online gambling have pros and cons.

Combination of in-shop and online 
Offline and online gambling doesn’t have to exist in completely different universes. Some people participate in both. The experiences themselves can be combined too. Some betting shops have made the most of the rise of the internet by integrating screens in their shops for betters to use. This means betters have the ease of online systems while still being able to socialise and make a trip out of going down to the betting shop. It’s a useful step for betting shops to make in streamlining their services and keeping up with developments in the gambling world. For more information about online-only options, check out this online gambling guide.

The world of online gambling is seemingly endless. Every game you can think of is accessible online and has probably been redesigned with the graphics of your favourite film. One of the greatest assets of online gambling is the choice it can offer customers. With casinos, gamblers only have access to what the casino provides. Online gamblers can play anything they want. That does make the market oversaturated and highly competitive. But this can be a good thing for gamblers as offers and deals are advertised to win their attention.

The internet has massively impacted the gambling industry and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The next developments in technology are bound to make their way into the world of gambling somehow. Previous developments have improved accessibility and ease when gambling but the atmosphere of a casino has not quite been replicated yet. Both offline and online gambling still have a place in the industry.


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