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Turmoil is developed by the Dutch gaming Company Gamious who are based in Haarlem and have been making games since 2011.
Another notable game by them is i0 an abstract platformer where you grow bigger or smaller in order to solve puzzles.
Turmoil is a simulation game that lets you put on a cowboy hat, your best American accent, yell "yeee-haaaaw" and pretend you are part of the oil rush in North America!

Visually the game is good if somewhat basic it shows off good crisp images. You start by being introduced to the mayor who will be retiring.
It’s up to you and your three competitors to bid on stocks to become the next mayor. Whoever gets 50% of the stocks becomes the new mayor. He puts up plots of land for sale for you and three competitors to bid on and then you head back to town to bribe yes bribe people to help or to buy upgrades that will make your digging life easier.

Your goal to end the campaign is to end up as mayor but to before you can bid on the stocks you need to make money and how do you make it?

By digging for oil of course!
Turmoil for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details
Right, so you’ve successfully bid on a plot of land what’s next?

Well before you go digging you can visit the town watering hole and inside you will find many characters asking for bribes. Owners of the left inc and right inc the places where you sell your oil to will keep their prices above a certain price if you’re willing to bribe them.

You can also borrow money from the town bank and the owner can also be bribed to lower the interest rates for you. Lastly, if you spill any oil you get hefty fines but you can also bribe your way to a lower fine.

These are all worth doing before the start of each level so don’t forget to go to Daphne’s before you leave town. 
Drilling wells and selling oil, some thoughts on Turmoil and its ...
So you’ve got your bribes in place you’ve got your land what’s next?

You leave town to your plot of land. You get there and there’s one building on the left aptly named left inc and one building on the right you guessed it called right inc, I love it when things are kept simple and keeping things simple is what makes this game addictive.

Two-thirds of the screen is dirt and the rest above that is the two inc buildings and where you build and your tools are at the top of the screen. From here you need to dig for oil and sell it to one of the two inc buildings, whichever has the highest price.

There is also a third option you can store it in silos until the prices go up!

To get started you need a dowser which is a little man who walks around the map searching for oil when he finds some he will whistle at you and wave. Here you need to place an oil rig and then drill down and hopefully, you will hit a pocket of oil first try, if not you have to keep drilling.

Once you hit oil it will start to flow up to pipes to the rig and here horses you buy will fill up and take it to whichever side you tell them too so pick the one with the best price or mix it up if both are good.

So now you are pumping away what’s next?

You can use another dowser to search for oil or if available you can use moles who chip away at the dirt in little triangles in many random places and hopefully they will uncover oil or if you are lucky a diamond.

Diamonds can be used to extend the time you get on a level, they can be given away at the bar to Anthony who will then point out on the land auction which plot will have a lot of oil or you can just sell them for cash.  
Turmoil for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details
After each level you can visit places to buy upgrades, the factory upgrades your pipes and drilling speed and allows you to connect more pipes to each other and allows you to drill through rock amongst other things.

The barn upgrades your horse's speed, how much they can carry and also how many horses you can buy.

Lastly, the workshop lets you upgrade the dowsers speed and size. You can also purchase the scanner and improve its size as well as how many pieces of dirt the moles' chip away.

As you progress more upgrades are available and they introduce gas pockets which can be connected to the right and left side inc buildings and the gas make the oil price go up but you need to turn the oil rigs off as it can cause the dreaded and costly oils spills. 
All in all, Turmoil is a fun addictive simulator which looks good and with a little bit of depth, it is fun to play.

You can add some depth by playing the next campaign called "The Heat Is On" which is included within the Switch package and introduces new concepts such as magma and gambling in the town.

The downside is the gameplay can feel a little repetitive and the campaign doesn’t last very long and after you’ve played the campaign once I can’t see you coming back for more but for the price, the game is worth the purchase as it will keep you entertained for the duration of the campaign.

Or if you have a little time to kill with some light-hearted fun.

Ratings Explained
ICE COOL (Great Game Recommended)
MELTING (Recommended with reservations, one to consider if you are a fan of the genre)
MELTED (Not A Recommended Purchase)


  1. You don't have to buy the DLC, it's part of the package. That's six hours more in-depth gameplay. Sloppy review mate.

  2. Thanks for the correction - Review Updated :)


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