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Do you have dreams of becoming an animator for PlayStation games, video promos, and such like? 

To become an animator, it goes without saying that there are various software programs you need to be familiar with and be able to utilize in order to do so. 

Whilst at any animation institute or school for animation, you should be learning to use the following interactive design and software programs as they are quite frankly crucial:

Apple Final Cut Pro is the best software for video clip editing. It possesses so many layers and so many different dimensions to it that the possibilities are quite simply endless. It paves the way for editing technology today and you won’t feel restricted at all in the work you are doing. Everything from the magnetic timeline to the clip connections is edited to perfection and so you can guarantee the outcome of your video will be top quality in its finest.

Autodesk Maya allows you to create the most astonishing 3D animation productions. The array of tools on offer are extensive enough to produce for all sorts of areas; such a television, gaming, publishing, graphic design, and many, many more. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone getting started on the journey of a career as a gaming animator. The current software is new and the features it has are pretty much essential for the interactive design of the future. Autodesk Maya is the world-leading product in its field so you pretty much can rest assured that you are utilizing the best in the business. From small icons, like  FIFA 21 coins, to designing clips for career mode; it is all possible.

Soundtrack Pro is the best software available for the creation and editing of audio for animations. It is the equivalent of Final Cut Pro but obviously in the area of purely audio. The tools available are quite frankly mind-blowing yet the product is relatively straightforward, making it truly the best audio software available today. You can customize the interface of the software in a way to suit your wants and needs. It is great because as a beginner you can use it and then once you begin to adapt your skills you can introduce the more complex and elaborate tools available in order to enhance your capabilities. 

You simply cannot hope to advance in the field of animation without being aware of how to use Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop allows you to perform a whole host of effects and editing techniques on various digital pictures, from basic tools to simply straightening an image, to more elaborate, complex, and intricate tools and correction methods. Adobe Photoshop truly is the software in relation to pictures, and anything else is simply deemed inadequate, and this is obvious by photoshops high and credible reputation. 

There is an array of different photoshop packages and add-ons but the sheer basic photoshop is what is crucially required, anything else will be a great added bonus to you. While it’s not central to game animation, it is a piece of basic knowledge, and vital for gaming promotions.

As you can see by the main software needed it is pretty much essential that you own an Apple laptop or computer, or at least have access to one, because without one you will be unable to utilize the final two software requirements. 

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