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Fossil Games has just launched its Sunshine Manor Kickstarter campaign for the Prequel to Camp Sunshine and we took some time to catch up with Paul Dolby from Fossil Games to learn a bit about him and the Sunshine manor video game...

Who are you and what do you do?

Hello GamesFreezer, I’m Paul - one half of Fossil Games.

My job is to code everything and create all of the music and sound effects in the games! 

What consoles and computers did you grow up playing?

Oh man, there’s been so many! I can remember sitting with my mum coding on the Commodore 64 for hours just to make a ball bounce on the screen and since then I’ve owned every major console and computer I could possibly get my hands on! I think my favourite though has to be either the SNES or the Amiga 500!

What are your top 3 video games of all time?

Of all time!? Wow … ok here goes in no particular order!

Jet Set Willy on the C64 (it was just so enormous, for a game that is now a 25kb download!)

The Secret of Monkey Island (because it’s just fantastic, there’s no finer adventure game)

Shadow of the Beast (because I had never seen artwork like that before and it blew my tiny mind!)

When did you start making video games?

I made my first “game” when I was 9 years old and saved copies of it to cassette (it was on the C64) and passed it out to my friends.

If I remember rightly, it was a ball that could shoot little lines out and you had to get them to hit a target … it was odd!

Since then I’ve dabbled with them until we began making Camp Sunshine and it just happened naturally

What are your biggest things you focus on when creating games?

For me it’s the story, we like to create games where the story comes first and foremost that way everything gets tied together with a nice bow on top!

What developer do you most admire in the video games industry and why?

At the minute it’s probably Eric Barone. It’s just the level of detail he has put into Stardew Valley that absolutely baffles me. Everything is so meticulously planned that I think he might be a robot!

What video games are you playing right now?

Well, I’ve just completed Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2 on the Xbox One X which was great fun revisiting those old levels and finding all the little transfers! 

What type of video game is Sunshine Manor?

I’d say Sunshine Manor is an action / adventure / horror / rpg

What is Sunshine Manor all about?

Sunshine Manor is an abandoned house that used to be home to one of the most well-known television stars … until the now-famous incident where all of the staff were murdered!

We fast forward to 1980 where Ada and her friends decide to trick or treat and knock on the door … and the rest is rather horrendous!

When is it due out and what systems will it be available on?

The game is due for release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation, PC, Linux and OSX!

Where can we find out more?



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