๐Ÿ”ฅ Garena Free Fire – New Weapons, Character, & More Provided In New Update ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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One of the most played battle royale games right now is Garena Free Fire. It's a popular game primarily because of the short battle royale matches that it offers. Instead of the usual 100 players, only 50 players will go to a remote island and battle it out and become the last man/woman standing. The game is also not very demanding when it comes to the technical specifications, so it can smoothly run, even on low spec devices.

As one of the popularly played battle royale games, the developers continue to provide improvements and updates to keep the game interesting. The developers recently came out with a massive update that added new characters and weapons and adjusted several game modes and guns. If you want to know more about these recent updates, you will continue to read on, as we will be discussing these things in the article.

New Weapon & Adjusted Others

One of the new things that the massive update provided was a new weapon. It's the Vector Akimbo gun, which is a submachine gun (SMG). But what makes this weapon unique is that it will be the game's first-ever dual-wielding weapon. Meaning, the gun's damage will be doubled, allowing players to quickly enemies with this gun. The only problem is that dual-wielding the weapon will reduce its range. Nevertheless, the extra damage does make up for that.

Aside from coming out with a new weapon, the developers are also adjusting two weapons, the M4A1 and the P90. The M4A1 will be a lot more potent as the update increases its damage, fire rate, and range. The weapon's max recoil will also go down, and the time is taken for the weapon to recoil while moving. It will be one of the best weapons that players will likely use a lot in the game. The P90 will also boost damage, but it will reduce the recoil time as well.

New Character to Use

Cristiano Ronaldo as Chrono in Garena Free Fire

Another new thing that the update will bring is a new character for players to use. The character is called Chrono, a bounty hunter from another universe who has the Time-Turner ability. At the base level, the ability grants the character a force field that blocks 600 damage and provides a 15% increase in movement speed for 10 seconds. Allies within the force field also gain a 10% movement speed increase. Inside the force field, Chrono can still shoot enemies, making it a fearsome ability.

But what's interesting about this new character is that it will be played by the renowned soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo. That's right, the 5-time Ballon d'Or winner and striker for Juventus FC will be the model for the character's appearance. So if you're a big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, you will likely enjoy playing Chrono in Garena Free Fire.

Adjustments to the Training Ground

The Training Ground of Free Fire will get some adjustments from the new update. A new mini-game will get added, and a new currency called the Bermuda Shells would be introduced. The new currency is used to exchange for fireworks that can make celebrations in-game more lively. Speaking of festivals, the Music Arcade is also now usable on the Training Grounds. The lights are also improved, as they are adjusted to real-time lighting, enhancing the overall experience.

A New Fire Pass

The Fire Pass of Garena Free Fire also got an update with a new interface and mission mechanics adjustment. For the interface, players will now be able to see their mission progress during the season. This part makes it easier for players to know where they are with the Fire Pass. The missions mechanics are also adjusted to make it easier for players to level up their Fire Pass.

The Elite and Veteran missions are also now replaced with weekly assignments, further making things easier. This opportunity is great for players, as they will have an easier time earning rewards.

A Fairer Electric Surfboard

The developers are also adjusting the electric surfboard, making it fairer and more comfortable for players to counter. The surfboard's speed will be slowed and will add cooldowns to reduce these electric surfboards' slowing gap power. There will now be cooldowns for activating the surfboard, boosting speed, and jumping. The surfboard provided an unfair advantage to players who have them, especially when it comes to closing distance gaps.

Electric surfboard adjusted in Garena Free Fire update

But with the new adjustments, players won't have to worry too much about the electric surfboards. They will have a better chance of countering it.

Final Thoughts

Garena Free Fire also introduced other minor updates. These are like the game's partners having an in-game badge to wear or the Ranked mode getting an entry into the Main Lobby, and so on. But the ones mentioned above are the major ones that you can likely expect. If you would like to have a better gaming experience with Free Fire, you should try playing it on a PC. Just click this link to see how you can do that.

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