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Kindly sent in from the folks at Stealth, I believe it’s the first time on the site that we have covered their products – or at least I have – and it was fun to dive in and see what these headsets had to offer.

Whilst the Shadow X was the clear favourite for me personally, I can see the appeal that the Conqueror would have not only for its aesthetic and complimentary stand but also for children and those of you blessed with smaller ears.

Stealth Shadow X


Marketed for use with the XBOX Series X due to the black and green designs, the Stealth Shadow X is a wired headset that uses a standard 3.5mm jack connection and so is a pretty universal accessory.

Visually, the Shadow X is a tad unusual, with the standard black design augmented by a microphone that initially appears quite short with a firm and flexible green rubber shield that struck me as quite a ‘toy-like’ looking feature.

I had pretty soon cast aside these initial concerns when using the headset, though, as it is clearly the most comfortable one I’ve used yet.

As stated in my recent review of the Gioteck TX50, I have large ears, whilst other headsets have been comfortable, the Shadow X is such a perfect fit, I feel like it’s been custom-designed for my bonce.

The worries that the microphone only reached the corner of my lip were also unfounded, as not only could other players hear me perfectly – the players couldn’t tell the difference between the headsets in that regard, no complaints there! - but it also meant that the microphone was out of my peripheral vision.

This fact, combined with the general level of comfort meant that I had a really tasty, lengthy gaming session that never required adjusting or tweaking, the  ‘tilt and twist’ earcups were working their magic.

In terms of sound, the Shadow X boasts 40mm drivers which supply a rounded sound with a great sense of spacing, I am also a big fan of the in-ear design.

The volume control was more than adequate if a touch-sensitive at the top end. I found I had to roll it down a smidge to get a perfect balance.

The volume control and mute button are located behind the left ear as opposed to on the cable itself as with the Conqueror. I actually prefer this as it feels easy to access but still remains out of the way.

The cable is actually the biggest issue I had with this headset. Whilst the Shadow X build quality feels great, is extremely comfortable and the microphone is robust, the cable is a thin, light thing that was a bit of a crooked mess throughout my gaming sessions. It was always touching my knuckles or rotating slightly in the controller so that the cable was up against my wrist, a real shame as a more weighted, braided cable would remove all issues I had with it.

The cable issue aside, I really like this headset. I sometimes game in a weird position which effectively means that the cable connection on the left ear cup can dig into my shoulder with certain brands but with the Shadow X this isn’t the case and so it has become my headset of choice.

Whilst I WISH that the cable was more robust, the level of comfort, quality of audio in the speakers and subtle mic (when in use) mean that this will be my go-to accessory in future.

Stealth Conqueror (Arctic Camo Edition) 

RATING – 7/10

Whilst I’ve already stated that the Shadow X is my preferred headset here, the Conqueror has other strengths going for it. Firstly, the design really is cool and it also comes with a really nice, minimalist stand that would look awesome next to any console. It also features a leatherette finish over the cups as opposed to the memory foam cushions of the Shadow X, should that be more your thing.

I get the sense that the Conqueror is aimed towards the younger market, mainly due to to the size of the ear cups - which sit on my ears as opposed to over them - although they covered my fiancee’s ears perfectly.

The sound is also different, even though it also features 40mm drivers, when switching between them it became clear that the sound was more ‘mid-rangey’, punchier and punkier.

The way I would describe it is that it makes a double-barrelled shotgun in-game sound like a BLAST as opposed to the Shadow X’s BOOM. So it completely depends on your taste there.

Comfortable when worn, the Conqueror has a more snug fit than the Shadow X and has an adjustable headband that satisfyingly clicks into various positions. The microphone design also takes a different approach here, with it not only being detachable – perfect if you wanted to use it for outdoor music purposes – but also longer.

This means that the microphone extends in front of your mouth and needs to curve in, perfect when combined with the punchier audio to give that military role-playing feel but more intrusive than the Shadow X’s ‘sit at the corner of your mouth’ approach.

The volume and mute controls are located on the cable here, on a white controller to match the headset design, the cable appears to be the same used with the Shadow X.

The Conqueror is different enough to stand on its own, aside from the Shadow X and it’s great to see the different approaches taken by Stealth to cater to different types of gamer. I’d recommend the headset for younger gamers and those smaller-eared of you out there.

The stand is a really nice bonus and the design is a winner. Whilst the audio isn’t as defined as the Shadow X, I think the character of the Conqueror as well as the ability to detach the mic and use it as a pure music headset means that this will grace a lot of gaming rooms.


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