๐ŸŽฎ STEALTH SP-C100 V PS5 Twin Charging Dock (White) | Review by Transvaal | 9/10 | "At this price it feels like a must-have accessory for your PS5" ๐ŸŽฎ @StealthGameNet

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The Stealth SP-C100 V is a very nicely made, high-quality accessory for your PS5 at a low cost. 

It is of a decent weight and has a tactile feel as well as being finished with a hexagonal pattern on the top surface, which is visually pleasing. I was also impressed with the docking station charging the controllers in around two hours.

It comes with a 1-metre blue and grey braided cable which feels of premium quality and is a good length, at least for my purposes. If you tend to store your controllers quite far from your console, you may need an extension in this regard.
When charging, it has a striking blue light around the base, which is very cool but every so often this light pulses. Due to the fact that I had the dock on a table to my left, it was in my peripheral vision and so I did find it slightly distracting at times, although I feel that this is a minor issue. 

The PS5 controllers lock in well but do jiggle slightly when lifted or trying to put the second one in. Again, something that I noticed when testing but is preferable to over-rigidity so you don’t feel like you are ‘snapping’ them in and out and wearing down the connections.

Review byTransvaal

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