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It’s incredible to see just how far the world of gaming has come over the past decade, well even in the past five years. With such a focus being on technology and advancing it at such a fast-paced rate, it can be hard to keep up with all the changes that are happening. It’s something that’s happening across many industries and it’s only going to get more mind-boggling as money is pumped into developing it.

So what exciting developments have happened in the gaming industry in recent years? 

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Virtual Reality

When it comes to future gaming, there’s a definite nod towards virtual reality and how we may end up being able to have a more visceral and real experience of gaming that doesn’t involve just sitting in front of a screen with a controller. With virtual reality, you can place yourself into the world of the game and it’s something that’s picking up speed in the development world of this kit. There’s also augmented reality, which is somewhat available now for mainstream use. It’s not completely submerging your body into the game but it can definitely provide a more unique and intense experience.

Both VR and augmented reality could really change the whole experience that comes with gaming, putting gamers into the world and making it feel like they’re truly within the game itself. Can you imagine battling in a warzone or fighting mythical creatures that tower above your head? It feels somewhat like a lifetime away but the advancements made in the gaming world over the past decade, certainly points at this becoming a reality much sooner than we think.

Incredible Graphics

One of the most obvious improvements that have come from gaming and that continue to develop is the graphics. Back in the old days of the first games consoles, the Xbox and Playstation provided games that had a true wow factor for many gamers. The graphics back then were incredible but fast forward to games now and the graphics are so advanced that it’s hard to see how we ever thought those pixelated visuals were the very best but they were, at that time.

The graphics are only set to get more life-like and more visually stunning as technology develops and the devices we use develop too. From the games consoles to the monitors that we play the games on, it all contributes to the overall quality of the graphics. Who knows, perhaps in five to ten years time, we’ll be seeing graphics that have gone beyond our expectations again.

Large Worlds/Maps 

There are many different games available in a variety of genres depending on what it is you prefer. You may enjoy more story-led games or perhaps you prefer games from a specific genre like horror or first-person shooting. Whatever it is, there’s been a significant improvement in the worlds and maps that feature on many of these games.

Games like Assassin's Creed, for example, have grown their maps over time and now they provide enough gameplay for weeks and months on end depending on how much time can be spent on the game at any one time. It gives the gamers a lot more to work with and it’s often the case that the game can take different paths depending on what decisions the player makes. With multiple gameplay options, it can provide much more value from the game they’re playing on because of being able to replay it in different ways each time.

By having larger maps and worlds to explore, it can add a huge amount of satisfaction for the gamer and an interest in the game that will last for a long time as a result. Playing through a game from start to finish will now take a lot longer than it used to, that’s for sure!

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has come a long way since the days of playing Snake on the old Nokia phones. Apps aren't that popular when they first started to come out and a lot of them were pretty basic in their coding and development. However, as technology has improved and that of gaming have too, there’s been a lot of focus on mobile gaming, seeing as we’re always on our phones. Just like our mobile phone usage on the internet, there’s a lot of benefits for app developers to improve the gameplay on mobile devices, despite the restrictions that come with limited screen size.

Regardless of that, there are still developments being made to make mobile gaming a more enjoyable and visually pleasing experience. There’s a lot more on offer than there was beforehand and it’s only set to get better as technology improves with it.

Smartphones are becoming equally more advanced in their technology and so with that being said, who knows what mobile gaming could look like in the next decade or so?

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Gesture Controls & Recognitions

A lot of gaming nowadays when it comes to development is leading more towards gesture controls and facial/voice recognition. Perhaps one day, we can see the use of controllers being disposed of altogether. RealSense technology is something that can allow you to play first-person shooter games or interact with the device you’re on with just a few simple waves of your hand. It’s a type of technology that is only going to become more accurate and refined as time goes on.

The same can be said for facial and voice recognition. With 3D scanning and voice-controlled games, there’s a lot more that can be done without having to do much in the way of clicking buttons or doing a number of tasks to get to where you want to be. It all leans towards easy to use games consoles and gameplay. This technology is only going to allow for quicker access to gaming and less fuss when it comes to setting up.

The gaming industry is clearly still developing at a stupidly fast rate, so let’s see what the next decade brings us, shall we?


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