๐ŸŽฎ Gioteck | WX4 Premium | Wireless Controller With Programmable Back Buttons | 8.5/10 | ICE COOL ๐ŸŽฎ @GioteckArmy

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I reviewed Gioteck’s WX4 - both wired and wireless versions - a few months ago on the site, having also used them personally for over a year prior to the article  -where they received a saucy 8/10 ICE COOL rating - https://www.gamesfreezer.co.uk/2020/11/gioteck-controllers-review-wx-4-and-jc.html

Having received the new WX4 premium version – again, compatible with PS3, PC and Switch – the build quality, connectivity and battery life are mostly the same but there are differences here.

The big difference is the inclusion of two programmable buttons on the rear of the controller, perfect for shooters, online games and 2D fighters. 

It’s the first time I’ve seen this feature available on controllers at this price and it’s very much welcomed, helping to make them stand out in the third-party marketplace and adding extra features onto what was already a GAMES FREEZER recommended peripheral.

The back buttons are actual buttons as opposed to paddles and are flatly built into the sections of the pad where your middle fingers tend to naturally rest. 

Should you not particularly want/need to use these additional buttons, the design of them is such that they don’t feel intrusive to your grip or hold and can easily be left alone without any discomfort. 

I tested this controller alongside my other WX4’s and they all sit equally well in the hands.

The other difference is in the thumbstick design. My existing Gioteck controllers have chunkier thumbsticks whereas this new variation has a slightly smaller surface. 

I actually prefer this as it feels ‘nippier’ and a touch more compact in the hands, which appeals to me, especially when playing Switch. 

I could have sworn that the new controller was slightly heavier but, according to my deeply unscientific use of analogue kitchen weighing scales, they are both the same weight.

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