๐Ÿง™‍♂️⚔️ Hellbreachers | Xbox Series X | 5.5/10 | "Are You Ready To Go To Hell?" ๐Ÿง™‍♂️⚔️ #GameDev #IndieGames

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A 2D action-platformer in which you can choose your class of character and even switch between styles mid-game, Hellbreachers looks good and has some nice ideas but suffers in level design, control and repetition.

Tasked with journeying into Hell in order to stop an encroaching evil, you begin your quest by choosing from three characters that lean more towards melee, ranged or magic, depending on who you choose and then dive into the world of Hellbreachers. 

And what a pretty world it is! Pixel art is the order of the day and the characters, enemies and backgrounds all look crisp and colourful as you make your way through the 50 levels that make up the game. These stages are separated into different areas such as mountains, castles, plains and the like. There are also multiple large boss fights that crop up to mix things up.

Hellbreachers has a lot of neat ideas such as the ability to switch between multiple styles of your character to get a focus on stronger melee, higher jump, better ranged attacks etc. the problem isn’t with the play styles and options on offer, it’s the sense of looseness and lack of balance that runs through that chip away at the enjoyment. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of issues that mount up and detract from the fun of Hellbreachers.

As a title available for under £5, there are obviously certain expectations but there are some weaker areas not related to the budget. One example of this is the fact that, if you attack and suddenly turn, you do a separate attack in the other direction, it feels sloppy and potentially wastes ammo.

That said, this isn’t an issue as I found that you can pretty much leap through the levels, avoiding most enemies, this renders health packs, ammo and flat combat redundant. I also felt that, although the areas have different backgrounds, this is mostly superficial as you’ll see dozens of ladders and spinning sawblade environmental hazards regardless of where you are. The difficulty in the latter levels comes more from enormous, blind jumps that lead to instant death than anything else.

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