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The Candy Merchant In All His ASCII Glory!

The Ascii art Candy Merchant has a striking resemblance to Gene Wilder in Charlie & The Chocolate factory if you squint and use your imagination a bit!

In this wonderfully addictive browser based Ascii art video game you will be using your imagination quite a lot just like we all used to when we were 9 years old playing the likes of Zork and Pitfall.

If this game came on a cassette I can imagine the box art to be of the candy merchant ready to serve you with candies, lollipops and errrrr Swords!

This is a cleverly put together game that will ensure that you won't be closing the browser page anytime soon as you won't want to lose out on earning all those candies just for keeping the browser tab open.

You see, you earn candies just by keeping that browser open......about a candy per second in fact! 
Our working day could be even more productive if I leave this little beauty running all day. It would even work through my lunch hour. I'd be doing two jobs simultaneously and I'd generate an extra 28,800 Candies to Spend on.......LOLLIPOPS! :)

Once you earn your first 60 candies you have 3 choices......

1. Eat all the candies (my real life choice)
2. Throw 10 Candies on the floor (never gonna happen!)
3. Buy a fruit flavoured lollipop.....(hmmm interesting)

As you may have guessed, in this game, Candy is the currency of choice and will open up all the game choices and quests this clever gem of a game has to offer. 

The only problem is that you will soon become lollipop dependant like some kind of candy junky who just needs 10 more.....just 10 more! 

We love this addictive well thought out game. If it were a candy it would be one of those Chupa Chup lollipops with the bubblegum inside as you think you know what you are getting until you manage the crack through the outer shell and find out exactly what it's really all about. 

We award this ascii beauty a Games Freezer - 4 Ice Cubes out of 5 :)


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