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Arcade Cabinets Are a Thing of Beauty

The sight of your favourite arcade machine standing there gleaming and waiting to be played can send shivers down your spine as you search for your £1 coin to get some credits to play.

The Arcade Man appreciates the beauty of the classic arcade machines and sets about bringing these beauties back to their former glory.

The Arcade Man website is a homage to the passion of the Arcade Man as he details each step and mod that he undertakes to make these beauties gleam again they way they should do.

Just looking through The Arcade Man's website makes us want to get down to the seaside and rescue some of the neglected  Arcade cabinets from yesteryear and restore them with the love and attention that Arcade Man does.

This guy is a hero of gaming and especially retro arcade gaming.

Arcade Man, GamesFreezer salutes you and your work!

Please check out Arcade Man's Website below and see for yourself the beauty of his work. Just take a look at that beautiful Mortal Kombat Machine......FLAWLESS VICTORY!

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