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Before my first SNES in 1991 I was brought into the world of video games from owning my trusty and often amazing Atari 800 XE/XL. The thing I loved about the 800 XE/XL was the fact that it had a cartridge slot! 

To me at that point in time the cartridge slot was the most amazing invention, it meant INSTANT GAMES!

Instant games meant no waiting for games to load and no ear piercing shrill while my system decided whether the game would load or not. Granted the games that I had on cartridge were kinda lame but hey they loaded instantly! 

In between owning a SNES and an Atari I owned the Legendary SEGA Master System and a SEGA Megadrive. Both of these consoles were great fun with titles like Wonderboy In Monsterland on the MS and Earthworm Jim on the MD, BUT they were all blown out of the water when the SNES burst into the gaming world! 

Back then it was a case of saving every penny I had as a 12 year old in order to fund my SNES adventure and save I did. So much so that my daily lunch money would go straight into my SNES fund money box that i'd constructed from Lego :) 

My beautiful SNES gave me my first "gaming gasm" with the still amazing "Super Mario World" with it's 99 Levels of perfection packed into a cartridge bundled in with the SNES for free! That game gave me months of gaming pleasure and was a glimpse of what was to come, with the plethora of amazing titles that followed.

In my opinion, gaming perfection was reached twice on the SNES. The first occasion was the release of Street Fighter II with its near arcade perfect graphics and unputdownable gameplay, SFII was the game to own.

Then along came Super Mario Kart which was the first of many Mario Kart games and still ,to me, stands out as by far the best. My friends and I created a battle mode league which pitted us against each other aswell as accounting for balloon difference at the end of each battle. 

To me, these were the glory days of gaming and also the glory days of Nintendo. In my eyes these games havn't been bettered since on any console. 

When anyone talks SNES it makes me go misty eyed for those days of NBA Jam, ISS Pro Soccer Deluxe, Super Tennis, Super Ghouls N Ghosts, Super Bomberman, F-Zero, Contra Spirits.....and the list goes on. 

My ode to the SNES ends here, now it's over to you...

Did you own a SNES in this great era of gaming? 

What was your favourite SNES game of all?

Retrogaming, Retro Gamer, SNES
Retrogaming, Retro Gamer

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