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Commodore 64
The Marvelous C64 Endings Website
Back in the days of rock hard video games that just didn't want to let you beat them an ending was truly the holy grail for any gamer. 

Back then there was no internet walk-throughs and gamers had to hope that the game they were stuck on would appear in the hints & tips section of their favourite video games magazine. 

Some games didn't even end and just got harder and harder without letting gamers complete them! 

We have discovered a website which focuses on the Commodore 64 and lets you view endings from over 700 C64 games.

We checked out the ending to one of our favourite games, Midnight Resistance and was glad to see the ending was one of peace, love and harmony.

Take a look a look for yourself at the Commodore 64 Game Endings website and look up your fave C64 Game Ending.

Did it end how you expected it to?

Did it end at all?

Let us know how you get on!

Richard - From the deep freeze

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