Games Freezer - @thegamedesigner - "Electronic Super Joy" by Michael Todd

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Electronic Super Joy

We stumbled across "Electronic Super Joy" after following Michael Todd on Twitter.

After watching the hypnotic video and listening to the thumping soundtrack, this game is well and truly in the Freezer!

The visuals are simple yet intricate, the design is intriguing and the gameplay looks frenetic yet calming.

We love the look of this game as it looks like a tough as old boots platformer with bags of character.

There's some great phrases that pop up on screen as you advance that seem to be quite abstract but fit in with the overall feel of the demo.

We can't wait to play this..........

and guess what.... it will be available on PC MAC LINUX iPAD and ANDROID

The Website says Coming 2013 ........ when? When!? WHEN!!!!???

Is this your kind of Game?

What do you think of the trailer?

Can anyone tell us when this gem of a game is coming OUT?!!

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