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You all know that we are suckers for any games that utilise pixels in the retro style, you could say that we are a slave to the pixel!

Well this game ticks all our boxes and makes us all a quiver with excitement!

Sewer Tea is a pixel adventure being worked on by kuznetsovsky that takes place in a fictional universe where Earth is now controlled by an extraterrestrial group called The Milenarians.

In the game a group has been created by the Milenarian Rebels who oppose the government beliefs. 

The rebel group have taken over an underground facility and now they have released a virus known as 

"Sewer Tea. City #00829" the virus has mutated most of the inhabitants which has turned them into an army of mutants which will need to be battled!

Sewer Tea's gameplay will see you walk into a survival rampage against dozens of different enemies throughout a retro Pixelated GameBoy-esque World!


You are cast on a quest to save mankind from the chemical threat that has originated from the underground laboratory.

The Government of the Milenarians have drafted you to the quarantined zone to find and secure the lead scientist involved in the creation of Sewer Tea

You get to Fight your way deeper into the crazy Gameboy-like randomly generated worlds as the story develops

For any questions regarding Sewer Tea, you should get in contact via email: pimpus.kuznetsowski@gmail.com

In the meantime check out the Steam Page HERE>>>>>>>>
The You Tube Trailer HERE >>>>>>>>   

Take A Peek At The Indie DB Page For Kuznetsovsky HERE>>>>>>>>>
Then finally, feast your eyes on the Indie DB Sewer Tea Page HERE>>>>>>>>>


What do you reckon? 

Is Sewer Tea getting your RetroGaming juices flowing? 

(It's sure making us get a melt on)


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