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Inspired by the recent documentary on Channel 4 called "How Video Games Changed The World" we set out to start seeking out some more cool Video Games related documentaries.

So first up this week we have these two beauties!

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Charlie Brookers - Gameswipe

Another amusing look at Video Games from Charlie Brooker

We like the way that Charlie approaches the subject with humour as he goes about looking at the various genres, how they have changed over the years

It has some really good interviews with comedian Dara O'Briain, along with sitcom writer Graham Linehan and Rab and Ryan from Consolevania.

In this cool documentary type show Brooker talks video games in the same style as Screenwipe.

We like Charlie's style and this is a great video, watch it today for a good chuckle and some interesting and engaging video games views.

 Get Lamp

Get Lamp is a documentary that looks to tell the story of the creation of the text adventure games of yesteryear and more importantly those words are from the people that created them.

We love the text adventure genre and this is a great homage to the wonderful world of the text adventure.

Both of these cool documentaries are on Top Documentary Films.com which is our new fave site for some really cool documentary finds!

Give it a search to see what cool stuff you can find, in the meantime we'll keep searching on your behalf!

Let us know what you think of these two documentaries?


What are your fave gaming TV moments or shows?

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