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In the days before XBOX & Playstation Achievements / Trophies you were judged on a certain Holy Grail Of Gaming Pecking Order.


Your prowess was judged by a number of games you had completed or particular Video Games related moves that you were able to accomplish.


We have taken a look back at our TOP 5 Toughest Video Games Accomplishments in order to show you what we think were our crowning glories over the past 30+ Years!


This should be interesting!


Where shall we start?

The Beginning Of A Very Long Video Gaming Journey!
This game is notoriously spiteful as it sends you back to the start of the game after you complete it for the first time!
You are then tasked with working all the back through the game in order to complete it.
This game was great BUT this really got our back up, instead of getting MAD we got EVEN!

Super Ghouls N Ghosts - BEATEN!

What A Beauty!
Half Life is considered to be one of the games of a generation, a real video game changer, it set up the almost flawless Half Life 2 and gave birth to the most anticipated 3rd instalment since Dr Dre promised the follow up to 2001!
The one thing that really kicks you in the nether regions with this game though, is the fact that Gonarch is one tough mudder!
We mean, to the point where you are using so much ammo that you are not even sure if it is actually dealing it any damage or not.....it's a worrying state of affairs and it's guaranteed to ensure that you will play this horrible headcrab sack on multiple occasions over a number of sittings before finally watching it explode........the day you do this is a day you will never forget!
Gonarch - BEATEN!

"Hit any button 13 times while rotating the D-Pad clockwise, on the 13th tap hold down the button until tipoff"
This doesn't sound like such an accomplishment does it?
Well think again, this cheat would shred a novices thumb if done incorrectly.....
Also it had to be done in the short time you had between choosing your teams and for the match to begin!
So tough was it that we only knew one guy who could achieve this amazing feat and he could do this on both joy pads in order that both players could enjoy the luxury that was Super Dunks from the Half Way Line!!
This cheat was so much better than the BIG HEADS cheat as it almost made it a different game completely, so much fun - NBA JAM WE LOVE YOU!
SUPER DUNKS CHEAT - BEATEN! (With A Little Help From Our Friends)
Platform Games have this habit of keeping you stuck on one particular tricky section for hours, days and sometimes even weeks.
The whole point of this accomplishment was to discover the secret exit on Cheese Bridge Area C
But BOY was this a toughie! The amount of times that this level had to be replayed in order to complete this part of the game fully was just immense. OVER and OVER and OVER again just to be rewarded with another level in the endless quest to find all 99 Levels!
So, how were you meant to complete Cheese Bridge Area C via The Secret Exit?
Well read on as we take an excerpt from HERE 
"Cheese Bridge Area (C)
To get this, get to the very end of the level as either 1) Caped Mario or 2) Mario and Yoshi. 
Below I have explanations for getting to the secret exit as numbered. The secret exit is behind the goal gate, and you have to go under the regular one to reach the secret one. These are strategies to do just that, listed in order of difficulty (lower the number, greater the difficulty).
1) This is incredibly hard to do. If you are Caped Mario only without Yoshi, you're going to have to find a good place to start flying from. It is my experience that the long wooden bridge before the yellow pipe is the best place to do this. Now, fly forward and take a dive as you see the goal gate. You must go under it and then pull up at the last second to go right past it. Easier said than done, huh? Good luck with that.
2) First off, getting there with Yoshi is rather difficult. When you reach the yellow pipe in the normal guide, go back a bit to the long bridge. Now run forward and take off flying. As you come down, Yoshi will have to bounce on chainsaws in the air to land on the platform to the right. Now, when you reach the goal gate, jump forward to get under it and then jump off of Yoshi when you are under it and to the right. You will land on stable land past the goal gate. Too bad Yoshi had to make the ultimate sacrifice, though.
Pick one of these strategies to get past the normal goal gate. From there, go right and jump to a platform with a 3-Up Moon on it. Then jump through the tape of the secret goal gate to the right."
The chosen method to beat this was using our good old friend Yoshi, the moment that Yoshi made the sacrifice and Mario popped up under the GOAL GATE was indescribable .... a video gaming moment to cherish forever!
Super Mario World - Cheese Bridge Area C "Secret Exit" - BEATEN!
Don't be fooled by his Santa Beard and his barely alive looks, this guy is super tough!
Metal Gear fans talk of Psycho Mantis being tough to beat but "The End" is in a different league, this guy is so tough that you might not even see him for 20 minutes at a time, but BOY can he see you and every move you make he will punish you!
Trying to beat him had us tearing our hair out for weeks on end.
It just felt impossible. We couldn't even land a shot on him. It just felt like the game was saying
Little did we know that yes we would eventually defeat "The End" but maybe not in the way that we had thought was possible........
Yes, that's right we didn't actually land the last shot into "The End" to bring about the end of him.....no we actually took soooo long ...... he errrrrr DIED OF OLD AGE!!!
Yes that's right, the old fella got fed up with waiting for us and pegged it, snuffed it, kicked the bucket!
Hideo Kojima and his team were so clued up that they realised that maybe us mere mortals might not be good enough to defeat this dude and after 1 week of play, if you havn't defeated him you get greeted with "The End Dies Of Old Age" sequence....
We stumbled across this due to our ineptitude but there is also a way of tricking the save game into thinking a weeke has passed by saving and then forwarding your PS2 on by a week (BUT THAT'S CHEATING!)
Anyway, our number 1 accomplishment is a bitter sweet one.
It was purely a moment of relief that we'd never have to play this old fella again!
"THE END" - BEATEN (By Old Age!)


Now that we've shared our Top 5 Greatest Video Games Accomplishments, why don't you share the love and let us know yours?


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