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The Sacred Mean Machines Magazine...

The Newest member of the Games Freezer Family has joined the team to impart some of his 30 years of Video Gaming knowledge and experience.

Please give a COOL Freezer welcome to "Pang Man"

So, who is this Pang Man you speak of?

Well, Pang Man grew up playing Super Nintendo and reading some of the finest video gaming publications of the 90's.

Over the years he has built up an extensive gaming knowledge from the consoles of yesteryear.

Pang Man was an early adopter of the import game scene in the 90's and owned one of those cool Universal game adapters for his beloved SNES.

Over the next few weeks, he will be looking back at some of the greatest video gaming magazines of the 90's, so sit back, relax and soak up the retrogaming goodness

Pang Man's Retro gaming Reminisce - Part 1 - "Mean Machines"

"Before the IGNs of this world existed- there was a time when the best way to keep up to date with the gaming world was through monthly gaming magazines.

I grew up eagerly awaiting the next issue of my favourite magazines and still to this day keep a number of these in my cupboard.

Every year I go through my old stuff and force myself to throw away things that I seldom use.

I have disposed of my university notes (despite the belief that they would one day be useful!) and DVDs and videos, but somehow I can’t seem to bring myself to part from my precious retrogaming magazines.

Therefore with this in mind, let’s take a fond look back on 2 of my favourite titles:

Mean Machines


Super Play

So let us begin with Mean Machines:

Mean Machines was the First magazine that I bought regularly as a teenager. In those days (circa 1991) I would often spend an hour or so every week in WH Smith and read all of the gaming magazines available. Unfortunately publishers today are a bit more savvy and often seal them up.
Mean Machines covered all of the 8bit and 16 bit consoles available at the time: Sega Master System, Sega Megadrive, Super Famicon (i.e. Super NES), Gameboy and Game Gear.

What made Mean Machines so good?

Well to me it was the following:

The personality of the writing staff

This was the 1st magazine where I felt I could get to know the reviewers/writers.

The magazine would list each of their favourite games at the time of the issue, as well as providing amusing personal stories about each (e.g. best holiday). 

One writer even got a job on the writing staff after sending in funny game related comic strips to the editor!

Mean YOB:

This was a hilarious agony aunt type page –where readers could ask advice (gaming or non gaming) or tell amusing stories.

Mean YOB a cyborg type character would then respond with an answer (which would often imply that the reader was thick)

Japanese influence:

I loved anime/manga as a kid and was often envious of the amazing designs and artwork that Japanese games got.

My one pet peeve was when a game would get a Westernised makeover, as for me this took away from the charm and cool character characters of the original.

Mean Machines was amazing because it would often include Japanese artwork in the articles and reviews and unlike most of its competitors, it would review unreleased Japanese games as well.

The Reviews:

Mean Machines reviews were excellent –in addition to playability, graphics and sound, they also were the 1st magazine (that I recall) to use lastability (I.e. replayability, game difficulty and length) as well as presentation (design, in game menus) in the review criteria.

The reviews also had comments from at least 2 people, which helped give the reader alternate viewpoints on the game.

The Beginning Of The End.......

After a few years Mean Machines split into 2 magazines: Mean Machines Sega and Nintendo Magazine System.

I collected both for a while but somehow the personality and fun seemed to sadly disappear with the transition........

Luckily for me another magazine would soon appear that would restore my faith. The magazine was called Super Play!……..................(to be continued) "

Pang Man has had his say on the legendary Mean Machines Magazine....

Be sure to check back for Pang Man's next instalment......SOON!

Now it's over to you.....

Do you think Mean Machines will ever be bettered?

"Pang Man Reporting From The Freezer"



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