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A few months ago we came across some really interesting screen shots from Quantum Sheep who were working on their update of the original Air Supply game.

What caught our attention immediately was the cool retro visuals that were utilised to outstanding effect within the screen shots that we were looking at.

We L♡VE a good re-tweet and immediately let our army of ☆Freezer Followers☆ know all about this cool game that we had discovered.

Not long after this, our black and white retrogaming bromance began as the  C☆☆L dudes at Quantum Sheep asked if ☆The Freezer☆ would like to make his videogames debut by making a cameo appearance within the Air Supply Infinite game.

Now The Freezer is a cool customer as we all know, but even The Freezer got a "melt on" at the thought of making it's video games debut!

So, what's the game like? 

How did The Games Freezer get on with the in game cameo?

All these questions will be answered below!!

Air Supply Infinite - The Review...

You play Sam the Space Man. 

Sam has got to run round each planet he visits whilst jumping over aliens and also stocking up on his dwindling Air Supply. 

Sam has a limited stock of Smart Bombs which allow him to clear the screen of aliens and also give him an O2 boost when used 
<Use Wisely>

Sam also gets the opportunity to collect many other power ups on his epic journey to try and locate the Infinity Cups! <Including The Games Freezer>

Along the way Sam has also got to avoid the Alien Tractor beams which stop him dead in his tracks leaving him vulnerable.....

The game itself moves at a blistering pace as Sam storms round each planet at breakneck speeds all the while trying to jump <Double Tap> over the pursuing Aliens.

Once you get started on this different flavoured runner game, you will find the one more go syndrome really kicking in a treat!

At first you think that this is going to be a stroll in the park, but the challenge of trying to continue until you get that Infinity Cup is truly a tough one!

We downloaded it onto the iPhone 5C and the gorgeous Retro Visuals looked stunning. We are big fans of the retro gaming look and this game captures that feel perfectly.

The Quantum Sheep team have pulled these visuals off a treat.

We love the array of power ups and variants as you go through the game and of course we adored the Games Freezer Power Up which Freezes the pursuing alien dude to the spot leaving you to collect the other power ups as they fall from the sky. 

We think that The Freezer is a star in the making after this appearance ;)

When you begin the game, it recommends that you plug your earphones in to truly appreciate the cool music and boy is it cool! 
If you like your Music retrogaming style then you will love the retro soundtrack by Yerzmyey, composed on 8bit ZX Spectrum!
Plug those earphones and get playing as you while away the next few hours trying to beat your last Air Run!

Overall, we had so much fun trying to beat our last run. We are not normally drawn to the runner genre but this looks and feels different from almost all runners we have played previously. The feeling of speed and the retro music really add to the cool arcade vibe. We'd love to play this great game on a big screen with that great soundtrack BOOMING OUT!

All we can say is get to the App Store and check it out for yourself and whilst you are there look out for The Games Freezer when it drops from the sky!! 

Meanwhile, The Freezer has started to sign autographs using it's plug lead......spooky!


9 Ice Cubes Out Of Ten - This Is One COOL Runner!

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