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One of the best ways to spend a Sunday evening for us is to trawl the crowd funding websites to find the most exciting Video Games Projects around, so that's what we've done and presented them in a lovely Games Freezer Post for your consumption, don't say we don't look after The Friends Of The Freezer....

So what's first up I here you say!


Just watch the trailer and tell us you don't immediately fall in love with this game, go on WE DARE YOU!







How will you get Rita home safely after a plane crash sees her end up with a whole host of survivors in the middle of nowhere?! 
A puzzle game with a beautiful art style and multiple outcomes gets our vote! Check this bad boy out with echoes of our most favourite TV Series ever (LOST)






Hands up who remembers the original WINGS on the AMIGA? 
We sure do! What can be better than some good old arcade dog fighting World War I action?! "Rat A Tat Tat Tat!"




This is a CORKER of a project!

A collection of SEGA Megadrive related material from all over the Video Games World

This project has had no trouble in reaching it's goal as it sets out to document the all time classic system The SEGA Megadrive / Genesis. 

The book itself is officially licensed by SEGA and is looking to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the console’s release in style!

The book will include production artwork, interviews, development sketches, hardware manufacturing plans and so much MORE!

Get involved with this one while you can. 

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