☆ The Epic Manager Kickstarter Reaches The End Game! ☆ @WeAreManaVoid #Kickstarter

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Simon Girard, Lead Artist & CoFounder of ManaVoid Entertainment, contacted us recently with an update on the Epic Manager kickstarter campaign as it enters it's final days.......
Simon confirmed the following great news....

"We are happy to report that we are already closing in on 90% of our Kickstarter funding goal, met by close to 900 Backers!

We are now entering the final week of our campaign, and we seek your help to get new eyes on this amazing project in order to make it a success!"

So we thought we'd put a request out to all the Freezer Followers to make sure YOU head over to the cool Kickstarter Page and get backing this amazing new game!

Here's a recap of what the Epic Manager game is all about.......

Players get to create their very own Adventuring Agency for the first time ever! 

It is a fresh, new and unique take on Fantasy RPG Tycoon Games. 

Essentially, it's the setting and storyline of Dungeons & Dragons meets the gameplay mechanics of Football Manager, and we are very excited to bring this game to life!

So far the Kickstarter campaign has been blessed by very positive press, receiving over 30 articles in 7 languages and the endorsement of industry greats such as Cory Jones (President of Cryptozoic Entertainment) and Steve Jackson Games (makers of Munchkin)

Epic Manager also features a host of indie game icons through partnerships that ManaVoid have been able to make with other great independent studios such as: Yacht Club Games (Shovel Knight), Cellar Door Games (Rogue Legacy), Pixelscopic (Delver's Drop) & Behold Studios (Chroma Squad). 

Mana have even obtained the rights to feature bestselling fantasy author Anthony Ryan's Vaelin Al Sorna, from his novel Blood Song.

So What Are YOU Waiting For?

Back The Kickstarter And Start Dreaming Up What Your Very Own Adventure Agency Would Look Like?

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