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Heroes Of Steel RPG is one of our all time fave indie games.

The talented Trese Bros never stop working, these dudes just keep on making games and expansions for the gamers and we're excited to bring you yet another release from the Treses that will enhance and prolong your Heroes Of Steel Experience!

Game Dev

We wanted to share the latest Trese news with you!

More Heroes of Steel expansions are on their way..........................

Our favourite indie studio, the Trese Brothers, have just released the third massive expansion for Heroes of Steel RPG.

As a turn-based tactics RPG, this game is perfect for Games Freezer hardcore retro gamers who are looking for depth of content, story, and tactics over flashy graphics.  

The Heroes Of Steel video game is inspired by games like HeroQuest, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Fire Emblem, The Trese Bros have built a sprawling RPG around a post-apocalyptic world in which your heroes take a truly unique position within the world as the "Chosen of Death." 

Game Dev

Charged with hunting down fallen gods at the bequest of Death herself, you’ll face mighty enemies, explore a immense world with over 120 dungeons, and face hundreds of unique enemy types and races.

The newly released Heroes Of Steel : Episode 3 expands the game by 33%, with new dungeons, loot, monsters, bosses and critical story choices.  

Heroes of Steel is perfect for gamers who are looking for an old-school RPG experience. With an easy turn-based system with auto-saving between turns, you can start and stop the game whenever you want.  

Gamers logging hours on Steam show more than 150 hours to play through the content of the first two Episodes, so Heroes is anything but small.  

What’s more, the Trese Bros love to connect with the Heroes Community and update the game weekly the Bros are constantly improving, adding, and tweaking to keep the game fresh and moving forward. It's the Video Game that just keeps on giving!

In this unique post-apocalyptic fantasy story, the remnants of a broken human civilization were driven underground centuries ago.  

Episode 3 challenges YOUR four heroes to return to the surface of that long broken world and face a necromantic disease that has taken root in the ruins of one of the old world’s great cities.  

The new expansion will have you facing off against ethereal spirits, hordes of gibbering ghouls, and armies of raised skeletons and will push you to once again adapt your team tactics, use more Holy damage, and stay on your toes to survive.

Game Dev


  • Achieve new level maximums with your characters, rising from level 28 to 36
  • Battle over 20 new monster types and mobs - Dire wolves, Ghouls, Wraiths and more
  • Fight, loot, and explore 22 new dungeons and the surface of the old world
  • New High Speed option and Auto Buff feature increases speed of play, allows casting of all buffs in a single click or tap
  • Non-linear storyline continues to deepen and branch, difficult story decisions begin to bear fruit
  • Discover 200+ new weapons, armor, and gear
  • Equip your team with new powerful items, including Spirit Drain and Auto-block shields

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