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Retrogaming for me only occurs on carefully planned days of the week. It means that sometimes I will only get a one or two hour slot to play with and in that time I need to utilise my time efficiently as i may only get one chance a week to play computer games.
With this in mind I have created a Retrogaming Computer Games Bucket List.
This list is intended to highlight 2 must play games on the various consoles or computers that I am yet to play.
My intention is to work my way through this list before I kick the bucket!!
The games on my list may have been games I overlooked at the time or could be games that I may not have been interested in at the time as my taste in games has dramatically shifted from mainly Sports games over to RPGs & Action Adventure games...
There is also the fact that as the internet has become prevailant in our lives it has uncovered the hidden gems in video games that at the time I wouldn't have been aware of.
So here goes my Retrogaming Computer Games Bucket List

Atari 2600
I never owned a 2600 and I was maybe a bit too young at the time to appreciate the old timer
1. Adventure - "The Grand Father of the RPG video game deserves my attention"
2. Yars Revenge - "I love the concept of this game and was a unique game at the time"
Nintendo Entertainment System
Another system I never owned but played a lot at friends' houses.
1. Contra - "Not sure how I never played this game, but it's exactly the kind of NES I know i'm going to love!"
2. Mega Man 2 - "Old School and tough as old boots, sounds perfect!!"
SEGA Master System
I owned the original Master System console which resembled the flight deck of an alien spaceship!! Such a great console and yet there are some classics I never played (probably because I had to save my pocket money for every game I bought)
1. Wonder Boy III : The Dragon's Trap - "I played Wonder Boy In Monsterland inside out and can't quite work out how I didn't follow it up with another adventure with the boy! The game looks gorgeous and this is one i'm really looking forward to playing!"
2. Phantasy Star - "This wasn't my type of video game when I was 8 years old but now I would eat this up for breakfast, lunch & tea!"
Megadrive / Genesis
I loved my MD but only had it for a year because the SNES came along and changed my world
1. Comix Zone - "Bold and quirky this game looks right up my street!"
2. X-Men 2 : Clone Wars "I hate myself for not playing this, this simply has to be played!"
Super Nintendo
It feels like I played every single great game on the SNES but now I realise I got work to do!
1. Earthbound - "A game with a cult following that is almost impossible to buy - get me some of that!"
2. Chrono Trigger - "multiple endings, time travel and an anthropomorphic frog knight (whetever that is) SOLD!!" to the manin the freezer!

Like most people I know, I never owned a NEO GEO but always drooled over the beautiful screenshots that I saw. Now I think it's time I got involved!

1. Windjammers - "This looks like brilliant 2 player madness! Essentially a souped up PONG but I love games like this!"

2. Blazing Star - "An awesome looking SHMUP that just oozes beauty, I can't wait to get stuck into this!"

Nintendo 64
The N64 was around when I was deep into my Playstation. I played the usual suspects such as ISS and Goldeneye on the N64 but didn't get to play some of the other gems.

1. Paper Mario - "I've played all the Mario games expect this, i've always been meaning to play it and now it's on the bucket list, it's got to be played!"

2. The Legend Of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time - "I owe it to myself to play this legendary game, another one that I never got round to playing..."


ZX Spectrum
Games for the speccy were only ever unearthed by me from a visit to LOGIC (my favourite video games store ever) or by sneaking a peek at the latest Your Sinclair magazine. Now I know more I will play more!

1. Price Of Magik - "I love my text adventure games and this one passed me by"

2. Where Time Stood Still - "This looks like an amazing adventure that I didn't realise the Speccy was capable of!"

Amstrad CPC
My experience of Amstrad games was generally confined to what my mate Briggsy had in his collection. Mainly Football Manager 2 was consumed in those days, so it's time to broaden my horizons...

1. Get Dexter - "An amazing looking CPC game that I wish i'd played at the time as I think it would have blown my socks off!!"

2. Gryzor - "This looks like a Midnight Resistance-esque beauty that I think i'll really enjoy having a bash at"

Commodore 64
A whole host of games from boot sales made up the entirety of my C64 play time and now I know what I know it's about time I went back to mop up some of the games Mr Boot Sale didn't provide me with! 

1. Project Firestart - "Love the style of this game, it looks like the 8bit grandad to the Dead Space series, this needs to get played"

2. Mayhem In Monster Land - "A C64 game released in 1993 in the final throes of the beautiful bread bin. This platformer looks great and needs to get played"

Commodore Amiga
Spending an insane amount of time glued to my Amiga, surely I have covered all the great games?......Apparently NOT!

1. Wings - "Being a massive Cinemaware fan, i'm sad to say I never got round to playing this amazing game. Dog fighting, Bombing Runs.....what more do you need in a game?"

2. Rick Dangerous - "Somehow this got overlooked, probably because I spent half my life playing Sensi Soccer and Champ Man on rotation!"

So Here's My Challenge....

Play And Complete All Of My Bucketlist

Before I Pop My Clogs....

Can YOU Think Of Any Others I Should Add 

To My List Of 22?

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