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Retro Gaming

The Trese's are the brothers that keep on giving back to the fans and we are pleased to announce some really cool leaderboard related challenges from the Bros that will test your Heroes Of Steel skills to the max!

Retro Gaming

You have to admit there’s something special about a game that involves perma-death and inronman ladders.

All games produced by Trese Brothers studios include that brand of tough love.

They've featured permadeath options as well as a saved game style that doesn’t let you go back or try again. 

Retro Gaming

Why Have The Trese's Opted For This Approach? Let's Hear directly from the Bros.... 
"It comes from our love of truly challenging, unforgiving games.

Cory and I were addicts to the Diablo 2 “hardcore” ladders in which one death ended your career.

We’re excited to offer a similarly harsh and hostile challenge in our turn-based tactics RPG, Heroes of Steel. 

We’re excited to see the challenge is drawing some of the most hardcore gamers to its call. " 

Retro Gaming

Let Competitive Play Commence
With the introduction of leaderboards, Heroes of Steel has added competitive play to a well-loved format.

There are hundreds of players on the Normal and Easy leaderboards, but it is only the bravest and most dedicated souls that climb the Ironman ladders on the upper difficulties of Hard, Brutal and Nightmare.

A single death is all it takes to post your final “death score” and then your time among the rarified crowd at the top of the ladders is over.

Brave soul, but you die just like the rest.

For some gamers, the allure of a hardcore leaderboard is undeniable.

They're clearly not for everyone, but for some it adds a whole new level of competition and cooperation to the game.

Retro Gaming

The challenge and dedication of climbing a no-mistakes ladder is thrilling. A single drop in discipline can cost you a week of work -- the stakes are therefore higher than ever!

These players seek the glory of claiming a top seat on a hotly contested ladder, among the other greats of the game, and the opportunity to prove their prowess at conquering the game’s strategy, defeating countless enemies, and designing the very best group of four heroes. 

Now Heroes of Steel provides leaderboards on all the markets on which you can download and play -- including Google Play, the iTunes App Store, and Steam.

The scoring equation is the same across all of the markets, and so you can even compare yourself to players on other hardware and stores.
Retro Gaming

The Heroes of Steel leaderboards invite you to: 

" Face the ultimate challenge of Ironman Nightmare - when you die your final score is posted to the boards to live as a legend

Increase your score by clever gameplay - defeating monsters faster, gathering a stockpile of gold

Compare strategies, discuss groups and share your tactics on the lively Heroes of Steel forum

Climb a Leaderboard for each difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard, Brutal, Nightmare) and compare scores with peers "

Head On Over To The Treses For YOUR Leaderboard Fix!

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