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A couple of years back I played the demo of Limbo and fell for it's atmosphere, lead character and devious puzzles that I had the opportunity to play.
The demo let me play up until the infamous spider puzzle and then teased you by telling you that to continue playing you had to buy the full game.
I resolved to buy the game at my earliest convenience…..
Fast forward two years and I was still yet to buy the game. Loads of other cool games got in the way and the initial rush of Limbo excitement had worn off putting it to the back of my to play list.

Google Play To The Rescue! 
Last week I was casually flicking through the Google Play Store Games listings when lo and behold I stumbled across Limbo on Android……AND it was on there for the ridiculously low price of 80p!
It had to be bought with immediate effect…….my life hasn't been the same since…...
This game has been written about thousands of times over the last 5 years and I'm not here to try and write anything new but I just wanted to try and tap into those players that may not have played this awesome game yet and see if I could implore you to do so.
Having just checked Wikipedia, it  tells me that Limbo on Android was released in Feb 2015, so I'm not that far behind in Android terms.

Control Woes? 
The main thing that worried me when purchasing this bargain was the control method. There didn't look to be any support for game pads and I was unsure how the touch screen controls would work out. I generally find touch screen platform games frustrating and clunky in the controls department. I am here to tell you, fear ye not, as the controls are nailed on perfect.
Touch the left side of the screen to run and the right side to jump. Easy eh!?

"Controls For Show, Puzzles For Dough" 
Well that's not the challenge with this game, the challenge comes in the form of some fiendish puzzles that will leave you thinking about how to solve them even after you have put down your Android device …… I was thinking about the puzzles even after I'd walked up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire (gone to bed).
Not only do the puzzles infiltrate your cranium but the scenes invade your thoughts for days afterwards. Every time the monochrome boy meets his maker it hurts you as the resulting noise is usually very visceral and you almost feels his pain! Even when you fend for yourself and another in game creature feels your wrath, you kind of feel sorry for them (when you meet the spider and the fly you will understand)
A couple of things drive you to keep playing…..
1) The Next Puzzle - You just want to beat the puzzle set before you and some of them deserve a lap of honour when you finally work it out. BUT your victory is short lived as you come up against another puzzle from the minds of the cheeky minxes at PlayDead.
2) What's Going On? - You genuinely want to know what is going on, there isn't much in the way of narrative other than the fact that you have awoken in some kind of …… errrrrrrrrr LIMBO?! Oh and you are trying to find your sister.
3) You said a couple of things! Why's there 3? - Well this game is so good that it's more than a couple of things going for it. 

The atmosphere, the clever use of sound, the monochrome graphics, the clever animations, the scenery and the list goes on and on.
In Summary
If you havn't played it before, this is the perfect opportunity to get it at a silly price!

**STOP PRESS - The price is no longer 80 odd pence**
The thing is, whatever the price and whatever the format, you need to play this game at some point.
Get it on your bucket list TODAY!

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