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Let me tell you the sad tale of the day I fell out of love with video games......
As you can guess from my website, my love for video games is massive......but do you know what, that hasn't always been the case.

Evil Evo
Obviously as a youngster growing up I was always besotted with the video games industry and take great pride in being a part of the SNES / Megadrive glory days.
But beyond those years there was a definite decline of my love for video games over time....
I think the decline would have kicked in at around the time the Playstation 2 came out. I'd owned a Playstation 1 and couldn't wait to get my hands on a PS2 with a copy of GTA III.
My problem though was that I was a Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) freak and had been playing it since it was called ISS on the SNES.
My obsession with ISS/Pro Evo meant that when the new version of the game came out each year, it would rarely leave my console. This occurred to the point when I literally only played PES. My PS2 had become a PES machine.....
Meanwhile, while I lived in PES world I was missing out on all the great PS2 games that were coming out whilst I plugged away at PES constantly for months on end. 

Don't get me wrong, I loved my time with PES (up until around PES 5) but I was obviously missing out and at the time I didn't realise that I was neglecting the many other amazing gameson the system. It took the likes of Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 to tear me away from PES but once completed I would return to my Amsterdam Master League Team (Babangida, what a player!)

Anyway, PES got rubbish around PES 6 ..... I wasn't enjoying it any longer ......No PES made me a dull boy and my video games playing time dwindled until my PS2 console became an expensive dust trap.
So.....I sold my PS2.....
I didn't own a console from then onwards........for I would guess at around 3 years?
That's a long time for a gaming hiatus. But maybe I needed that time away from gaming to realise that it's not all about eternal releases of PES.....
I remember the moment when I fell back in love with gaming very clearly.

True Romance 
I was in the cinema about to watch something or other when an advert for a new game came on. That advert made my spine tingle......
It was the Gears Of War 2 advert. I'd paid no real attention to the PS3 vs Xbox360 running battle but this advert made me say out loud to my wife (then girlfriend) that I needed and Xbox360 as I had to play Gears Of war 2......
The funny thing my wife bought me the Xbox 360 with a copy of PES which was rubbish and a copy of Halo 3. I devoted my time to Halo 3 and fell in love with current gen gaming.
It was at this point that I decided I needed to explore gaming from a different angle rather than just the same old sports updates every year.
Now it is rare for me to purchase a sports game as they tend to be dull updates from the previous versions.
My PS2 experience has made me a more well rounded gamer and I think nowadays i'm more in love with video games than i've ever been across multiple platforms both retro and last generation.
What Next?
Well, at some point I will leap into the current gen and I think it will be the Wii U so I can teach my daughters how to play Mario, although surely the best way to learn Mario is on a NES?
Have You Ever Fallen Out Of Love With Video Games?
Let Me Know Your Heartbreak Stories In The comments Below...

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