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Well I'm stretching the truth a bit here, maybe we could call it artistic licence?

But the truth is that it is now possible to own a NES cart with some cool NES 8 Bit artwork on it from a more recent video game…. 

(although Half Life 3 hasn't even been released yet!)

Read on and let me explain............

The cool dudes at 72Pins.com started to undertake an art project to place retro styled re imagined versions of newer game box art onto NES cartridges by changing the old game label and replacing it with an 8 Bit label interpretation of a newer classic such as Silent Hill, Bioshock, Fallout 3 or even HALF LIFE 3!

We all know the iconic NES art style on the cool cartridges from down the years and to see new classics get the 8 bit treatment is extremely satisfying as a retro gamer who also plays the current generation of great games.

Each iconic NESstyle label is crafted by one of the 72 Pins' very own group of artists, so each one is a limited edition piece of artwork.......

The carts from 72pins are reasonably priced at around $10 to $15 but you have to be quick to snap up your fave game as they go super quick…..(Half Life 3 is SOLD OUT)
I think these carts look mega cool and would love to purchase one of these beauties to put into my collection of awesome gaming retrobilia!

The interesting thing is that the cart still contains a playable video game on it from the 'donor cartridge' , so it's kinda exciting to find out what game you get in this lucky dip of NES cartridges. 

I'm kinda guessing that a lot of Hudson Hawk cartridges have been reclaimed from the landfill site next to the Atari 2600 E.T canyon in order to fill the orders that 72 Pins are getting. 

72 Pins do point out the following on their website:

 "Many people have voiced concerned about us taking great games and destroying them. First, the game inside 100% still works. We did nothing to it. Second, we took a few hundred mass produced specific carts that were not really seen as artistic out of MILLIONS in existence. We care about gaming as much as anyone. We did this in the most responsible way that was possible. "

That kind of response is good to hear as no one wants to see swathes of iconic games gets defaced (let's just deface a crummy copy of Where's Waldo instead! ;)

I have got my eye on the Doom cartridge and I better get in there quick before it's snapped up!
Which Cartridge Would You Buy?

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