☆Super Trese Bros Are Back In Town……Templar Battleforce Is Coming JULY 2015!☆ #GameDev #GamersUnite @corytrese

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Templar Battleforce, Trese Brothers

The Boston based Trese Brothers are an unstoppable force in the indie game dev world.

These dudes are dedicated to producing some the most in depth and addictive play experiences to the hardcore gamers who want something more from their Indie Games.

We have some Exclusive exciting news about the next Trese instalment, but first let's have a look at The Trese Bros In Numbers

2 - Originally there were 2 Trese Brothers dedicated to producing mega cool indie titles just for you lucky people

3 There are now officially 3 Trese Bros producing these indie titles just for you! Martin is the youngest bro and the newest recruit!

6 - The number of great games released by the Trese's so far…….(Star Traders / Star Traders 4 X Empires, Heroes Of Steel, Star Traders RPG, Age Of Pirates, Cyber Knights, Templar Assault RPG)

1,774,965 - Total number of Trese Bros game downloads on Google Play!

The Trese's are the real deal and they are some of the hardest working devs on the scene…….

That is why Games Freezer is excited to announce the next game in the Trese's armory…….

Templar Battleforce, Trese Brothers

This is what the Trese's have to say about the upcoming Templar Battleforce…..

"As a commander of  Templar Battleforce, you must lead your elite unit of mechanized soldiers into battle against the enemies of Shalun and mankind — cultists, xenos, and the ultimate nemesis: the Narvidian. 

In between bloody deployments, it will fall onto your shoulders to recruit, train, and equip every member of your battleforce with RPG-level of precision. 

Lead your battle-hardened veterans into battle, facing the most lethal enemies with fire and steel. 

Every turn counts in this turn-based warfare strategy epic. 

It is war that builds your Battleforce, sharpens your veterans, and prepares you for the next challenge."

Templar Battleforce, Trese Brothers

Templar Battleforce has been in development by Trese Brothers games for a year, and is coming to Google Play, Amazon App Store, iOS App Store and Steam in early July 2015.

The latest strategy game mixes army building and team management elements with fast-past turn-based warfare, just the way we like it!

In Templar Battleforce, you will lead a strike team of mechanized soldiers on a brutal campaign against the xeno threat.

Each Templar can be tailored exactly to your playstyle through in-depth leveling, talent specialization and gear selection.

Craft and lead your unique squad into visceral combat and take on tactical challenges across a sweeping story and in re-playable skirmish battles.

Templar Battleforce, Trese Brothers

Features For Your Gaming Pleasure:
  1. Fast paced combat in a turn-based game
  2. 30+ challenging scenarios and hours of unforgiving combat will be the crucible to forge your elite veterans
  3. Tactical warfare with defensive shooting, flamethrowers, sentry turrets, counter-attacks and more cool warfare shenanigans!
  4. 8 types of specialist Knights to recruit, train, and specialize
  5. Unlock 150 levels of requisition to customize your army - new weapons, armor, gear, and talents
  6. Combine strategic army build with tactical combat in battle deployments
  7. A gorgeous professionally composed sound track


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