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7 min short - drama

"A lone boy wanders the open landscape of a suburban park.

Dressed as his favourite video game hero, he daydreams for adventure but the reality of his uneventful world disappoints him.

He follows a strangely familiar man to an old house where he stumbles upon a peculiar truth to his lonely existence."
Every so often a film comes along that makes you think, touches you and leaves a lasting impression.
This film is short but hits you like a Dr Robotnik spiked balldozer attack!
It's very rare if not non existent to find a gaming related film with such substance.

As a retro gamer there are scenes that will make you smile but then you are also hit by loneliness of the main character.
The filming style is stark and cold and yet you are totally drawn in for the short time it's on your screen.
It's a bitter sweet tale that will leave you feeling empty but thoughtful with a million questions racing round your head.
It made me shed a tear.
Take 10 minutes out of your day and watch this.
Let me know how it left you feeling….

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