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Sometimes you look at a TV show and instantly you think “Wow! That would make an awesome video game!”

Often the reality is that a developer picks up the rights to do the game and makes a complete hash of it even though the source material is top-notch.

My list below has 8 TV shows listed that could still inspire the creation of a brand new video game either retro-styled or right up to date.

Take a look and see what YOU think of this list of awesome TV shows that totally need a good video game.

The A-Team
Surely the A-Team has every ingredient to make an awesome video game? 4 Characters. Action. Weapons. Helicopters. Planes. Bad Guys. Gadgets. Crafting. The A-Team van and lots of explosions!

A game whereby you utilize all of the A-Team distinct characteristics would be lots of fun to play whether that was in an open world scenario or even in a point n click adventure.

Late Night Casino Shows

Whenever I'm up late and I switch over to one of the terrestrial TV channels then there is always a late-night casino show on with lots of current casino bonuses on offer. 

Just imagine if there was a video game equivalent of these cool shows which allowed you to get access to the likes of online casino sites and the awesome varied set of casino games on offer. It would be just like having a casino in your front room except it's much more fun!


LOST as a phenomenon has unfortunately been and gone but its legacy in TV lives on as our screens are swamped with high-end TV drama series and if it wasn’t for LOST a lot of these awesome dramas we watch on Netflix would never have made it past the pilot.

As far as LOST video games go, there was an attempt to create one but it was a damp squib of a video game.

It makes you wonder though how could they miss the mark with this one? Surely an open world video game with exploration and crafting and alliance building would have been a perfect suit to this awesome piece of fiction writing?!

The options are endless for this subject matter with a whole host of deep interesting characters to draw upon. Imagine if it had got the Naughty Dog treatment!!

The Simpsons

Okay, so the Simpsons have had many video games created over the years with the arcade game being the best of the lot with its 4 player cabinet making it a hoot to play in the arcade. BUT on home machines, I still don’t think it has ever been given the proper treatment that it deserves. During the ’80s and ’90s there was always a Simpson game on the newest hardware but it never really lived up to The Simpsons name.

Maybe it was never quite on the money because there were just too many things you could do with the vast array of hilarious characters.

I think that to truly deliver on the brilliant cartoon characters it would greatly benefit from Telltale Games episodic treatment or a Ron Gilbert Point N Click special!

Quantum Leap

This TV program was my childhood obsession. I never missed an episode (except for maybe the one where Sam finally leapt home, if that actually happened!)

With time travel and Ziggy what a great combination that would have made! Maybe you could have chosen to play as Sam or guide him as Al.

It would surely make for some great game mechanics and set pieces that you would need to complete in order to get Sam to ‘Leap’ to the next scenario and finally HOME!

No video game for the show exists, but it surely needs at the very least a fan-made video game.

Beavis & Butthead

The awesomeness of Beavis & Butthead only garnered one single video game and it was crud….

Imagine how you could play in the Mike Judge world of Beavis & Butthead and what stupidity you could get up to.

I’m thinking Saints Row meets Beavis & Butthead

Miami Vice

The ultimate 80’s cop show. The coolest show ever to be on our tellies and again the game that was made of the TV series was average at best. The video game tie-ins at the time were generally poor but imagine a cool Chase HQ meets Driver style game for this source material. Just imagine the fun that could be had!

The Crystal Maze

This was essential viewing on a Friday night and I couldn’t get enough of it. I always wanted to take part (but I was only 10) and I always thought Richard O’Brien was the best of the presenters over Ed Tudor Pole.

For me, this would be a fine example of a puzzle game maybe in the vein of the Witness as you wander through the maze at will and work your way through the various worlds puzzles and finally enter the Crystal Dome to face your fate (Victory or Failure!)

Which Cool TV Shows Would YOU Include In This List?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below...

"Stay Frosty"

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